Q & A with Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll (Third, 28 points)

Q. You've had a month off - what have you been up to?

AC: Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that! I've just been training away - I thought I would have had nothing to do really, but I've been keeping myself busy enough. I was out in Spain, in Jerez for four days at the Formula One test - I was just watching a bit, but I did get to have an afternoon in the car - I did a couple of hours on the Wednesday afternoon, so that was quite good. That was exciting - I didn't really get long enough to do a proper job, but it was still a good experience. Also I had a lot of hot weather training out there - that was pretty good, and it was certainly hot!

Q. You also had the GP2 test - how was that for you?

AC: Oh yeah - I forgot about that! That was alright - I know we didn't look particularly quick in the times but it was testing and we got quite a lot done, learnt a few things, and that was quite good.

Q. And you got to use the wet weather tyres for the first time, which you may get to use here...

AC: Unfortunately! But the tyres were actually very good - they give a lot of grip, and even on traction you'd think the thing would be struggling, but it was actually quite surprising how much grip they gave and how well the tyres worked. They were quite impressive.

Q. So what are you looking for this weekend?

AC: Win as many races as I can!

Q. There's only two!

AC: Well then! I could at least win one, and just try and do the best job we can do - hopefully we can come away with a win and at least a podium.

Q. Are you looking at the championship as such yet?

AC: Oh yeah - this month is going to be so important, and with this many races in one month it could either make or break the championship, so I think we've just got to crack on and do the best job we can do, take as many points as we can, and hopefully somewhere in the middle of it I'll come out leading, or at least very, very close to Heikki. It's going to be tight I think, so we'll see what happens.

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