Bruni Looks for Repeat Performance

Gianmaria Bruni is happy to be starting from the front row at the Monaco edition of GP2 tomorrow, and is hoping that lightning will strike twice after his success in Barcelona two weeks ago

"Of course first is best," Bruni noted after qualifying, "but second is not too bad. Hopefully I can get a good start tomorrow ­- after all Barcelona went okay from second on the grid."

Bruni acknowledged that traffic played its expected part in the qualifying session, as usual, noting: "I got blocked at Rascasse by Negrao on my fast lap, so I could have been a little quicker. Pla was blocked too -­ Negrao pulled over to let us through eventually, but it lost me time.

He was quick to acknowledge the Frenchman's drive today after following him around on track: "Pla was probably the quickest one out there today, but I was staying with him so I figured I'd be first or second.

"So it's not too bad ­ front row is always what you want, especially here."

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