Angry Yoshimoto to Miss Race

Hiroki Yoshimoto will be unable to drive in tomorrow's GP2 race in Monaco after failing to run a single lap in either practice or qualifying this morning due to a serious engine problem

Yoshimoto, who had flown a number of sponsors to the principality to witness his driving in action, was downbeat after learning of his omission from tomorrow's grid due to causes beyond his control.

When asked what the problem in the sessions was, Yoshimoto noted: "It was a problem with the oil pump. I went out, got around to the pool and it just stopped - I knew it was the engine immediately."

Yoshimoto's BCN team were the last to leave the paddock last night after trying to sort out a problem with the engine, and then spent most of practice and qualifying trying in vain to fix it.

Towards the middle of qualifying team boss Enrique Scalabroni instructed his other driver Ernesto Viso to set a good laptime and return to the pits to allow Yoshimoto to take over his car for the end of the session, but Viso's crash at St. Devote put paid to the idea.

"I was told that if I could have done even one single lap then I could have joined the race, so I'm really pissed off," Yoshimoto fumed. "I've been here for five races, I have all the engine problems, and I don't know why I'm here now to be honest.

"I'm really happy with the team - they've been really great - but I just haven't got the words to describe how I feel. I came here to this place that I've loved since I was really young, and now I'm not allowed to race.

"It's just stupid."

Viso was equally despondent that he had been unable to help his teammate in qualifying. He had been quick in the earlier session and therefore had been unlucky not to repeat the performance, although Viso admitted: "It's not unlucky - I made a mistake.

"I was just a little bit wide, but you can't be wide at all here. I'll start from 15th tomorrow, which is pretty disappointing after this morning, but at least I'm actually in the race."

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