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Spa F3: Novalak tops practice ahead of Rasmussen

Clement Novalak took the top spot in FIA Formula 3 practice at Spa, taking the fastest time in the last minute of a foggy first session of the weekend.

Clement Novalak, Trident

The Trident driver, who sits sixth in the championship, topped the timesheet with a 2m05.330s – one of only two drivers to break into the 2m05s.

He finished ahead of HWA Racelab rookie Oliver Rasmussen, who set a 2m05.825s, despite his best start of the season so far being 16th.

Campos Racing’s Lorenzo Colombo finished in third, less than eight-tenths behind the leader, with Trident driver Jack Doohan in fourth and Jak Crawford (Hitech Grand Prix) in fifth.

Drivers encountered some traffic 10 minutes into the session as drivers began to set quicker times, with Alexander Smolyar topping the timesheet with a 2m07.924s, before going quicker with a 2m06.748s.

With 25 minutes to go, the yellow flags came out in sectors two and three after Ayumu Iwasa (Hitech Grand Prix) briefly spun on the still-damp track.

Minutes later, they were waved again in sector two after Zdenek Chovanec came to a stop on the track.

The rookie makes his F3 debut this weekend replacing Reshad de Gerus at Charouz Racing System, with Hunter Yeany driving in place of Enzo Fittipaldi.

The pair will see just 45 minutes of track time before qualifying takes place on Friday afternoon. Yeany finished the session in 20th, with Chovanec in 24th.

Entering the last 20 minutes of the session, Jack Doohan, who took third place in the last feature race at the Hungaroring, led for Trident with a 2m06.356.

Colombo then took the top spot with a 2m06.100s, before he was pipped to the top time by Novalak.

Matteo Nannini (HWA Racelab) and Trident’s David Schumacher came close to making contact in the last five minutes as the former attempted to finish his flying lap while the latter prepared for his.

Campos’ Amaury Cordeel encountered trouble as he made his way back to the pits at the end of the session, coming to a stop on the start-finish straight.

He is also under investigation for heading into the wrong pitlane at the end of the session.

Spa F3 - Practice Results

Cla Driver Team Laps Time Gap
1 United Kingdom Clement Novalak Italy Trident 14 2'05.330  
2 Oliver Rasmussen Germany HWA AG 15 2'05.825 0.495
3 Italy Lorenzo Colombo Spain Campos Racing 13 2'06.100 0.770
4 Australia Jack Doohan Italy Trident 13 2'06.257 0.927
5 Jak Crawford United Kingdom HitechGP 13 2'06.359 1.029
6 Denmark Frederik Vesti France ART Grand Prix 16 2'06.392 1.062
7 Czech Republic Roman Staněk United Kingdom HitechGP 12 2'06.448 1.118
8 Russian Federation Alexander Smolyar France ART Grand Prix 16 2'06.709 1.379
9 United Kingdom Olli Caldwell Italy Prema Powerteam 16 2'06.781 1.451
10 United Kingdom Johnathan Hoggard Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 16 2'06.798 1.468
11 Ayumu Iwasa United Kingdom HitechGP 12 2'06.813 1.483
12 Italy Matteo Nannini Germany HWA AG 15 2'06.841 1.511
13 Norway Dennis Hauger Italy Prema Powerteam 16 2'06.888 1.558
14 Arthur Leclerc Italy Prema Powerteam 16 2'06.944 1.614
15 France Victor Martins Netherlands MP Motorsport 16 2'07.062 1.732
16 United States Logan Sargeant Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 14 2'07.175 1.845
17 Caio Collet Netherlands MP Motorsport 16 2'07.187 1.857
18 United States Juan Manuel Correa France ART Grand Prix 15 2'07.241 1.911
19 Germany David Schumacher Italy Trident 15 2'07.468 2.138
20 Hunter Yeany Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 18 2'07.497 2.167
21 Australia Calan Williams Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 17 2'07.661 2.331
22 Rafael Villagómez Germany HWA AG 16 2'07.738 2.408
23 László Tóth Spain Campos Racing 16 2'07.748 2.418
24 Zdenek Chovanec Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 17 2'07.904 2.574
25 Tijmen van Netherlands MP Motorsport 15 2'08.204 2.874
26 United Kingdom Jonny Edgar United Kingdom Carlin 15 2'08.332 3.002
27 Ido Cohen United Kingdom Carlin 16 2'08.415 3.085
28 Amaury Cordeel Spain Campos Racing 16 2'09.493 4.163
29 Filip Ugran Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 0    

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