Webber praises Whiting over dogs response

Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) director Mark Webber has praised Formula One race director Charlie Whiting's swift response to the dog incidents that marred the GP2 sprint race in Turkey

Whiting is to issue a report to the FIA expressing his concern that two dogs made it onto the track during the GP2 event on Sunday morning - with Bruno Senna hitting one and being forced out of the race.

With the dog situation a worry ahead of the F1 race, Whiting urged a security clampdown and has asked for a full investigation about what happened - a move that Webber is fully behind.

"It was great they are," said Webber about the FIA's decision to take action. "It is a serious issue. Not only for the dogs, it is cruel, but they should not be allowed to get anywhere near or inside a racing environment. It is also very dangerous for the drivers as well, and the last thing, which is the least important, is that it wrecks the racing.

"It is 2008 and I think we should have venues where these things don't happen. They didn't look like security dogs, they looked like strays - although they were pretty well fed and looked in good shape - especially the white one that Senna hit. I was happy to see the other one get away to be honest."

Webber said he had so much faith in Whiting taking the right course of action that he did not even bother expressing worries about the situation in the build-up to the Turkish Grand Prix.

"No, you just know," he said when asked by if discussions had taken place with Whiting. "I did think it in the race though, just once or twice coming over the crest at Turn 12, thinking hopefully the dogs are all tucked away in their kennels."

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