The early-90s tech that can help modern F1 - Motorsport Show video

The rise of active suspension and the role it could play in helping modern Formula 1 are explored by a Motorsport Show interview with legendary McLaren designer Neil Oatley

F1 teams tabled some suggestions to reintroduce active ride to grand prix racing for 2018, but it was not implemented.

That technology was outlawed ahead of the 1994 season, having been pioneered by Williams but also mastered by McLaren.

Oatley, who is still at McLaren as its executive director of engineering, was chief designer of five title-winning cars from 1989 to '99 and thus played a key role in its '93 challenger and its active suspension.

Here, Oatley tells Motorsport Show host Peter Windsor the origins of that technology, what he thinks it could do for F1 now and why he is an admirer of modern grand prix cars.

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