Stoddart: My Cards are Marked

Minardi boss Paul Stoddart has said that he openly fears facing retribution for his recent stance in standing up against Ferrari and the FIA - but has made it clear that it will be a price worth paying if his actions help improve Formula One

Following his showdown with the FIA in Melbourne, over his right to run his 2004 cars, Stoddart has further kept up his political battle by acting as the focal point for a statement issued in Malaysia on Friday calling on Ferrari to fall in line with their rivals over testing limits.

And amid a growing perception that Stoddart's decision to act as a spokesman for the much talked-about 'group of nine teams' has singled him out, the Australian is convinced he will now pay the price for stirring up trouble - especially with his court action in Melbourne.

"It was a victory for Minardi, yes, but at a price - I'm not naive or stupid enough to believe there won't be retribution for this," Stoddart told the Australian Associated Press about his actions in Australia.

"I'm just waiting to see which way it's going to come from. Everyone tells me that my cards are marked. If the price to pay for it is that we sort Formula One out then it's a fair price to pay - even if that meant me going."

But despite his pessimistic view about what will happen in the future, Stoddart has warned anyone trying to trouble him and even force him out of the sport, that he will respond as aggressively as he can.

"I'm also a fighter so if anyone starts playing games I will do it by the book - but as I proved in Melbourne I will do it aggressively by the book", he said.  "People will want to have some pretty strong ammunition before they come firing."

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