Sauber blames both F1 drivers for Monaco Grand Prix collision

Sauber chief Monisha Kaltenborn says both her Formula 1 drivers were to blame for their Monaco Grand Prix collision, which she described as "unacceptable"

Felipe Nasr rejected a call to cede position to Marcus Ericsson with the latter then trying a pass into Rascasse that damaged both cars and forced their eventual retirements.

The incident was investigated by the stewards with Ericsson being handed a three-place penalty for the Canadian Grand Prix as well as two penalty points on his licence.

Kaltenborn spoke to both drivers individually and then together following the race and she is now confident the matter has been put to bed.

"Both were in the wrong," she told Autosport.

"To be honest, this is not about their happiness - we are a team and everyone knows their responsibilities.

"It's about a team and there are many people in this team who are working very hard for us to secure a point, to show a good performance, and the two young men have to be aware of their responsibility and I'm sure they are."

Nasr said this is not the first time team orders have been disobeyed, pointing to two incidents last year when Ericsson failed to yield when told to do so.

Kaltenborn chose not to comment on those instances but has made both drivers aware of their role within the team and she is certain team orders will not be disobeyed again.

"We've had a talk together about it and we have clarified the matter," she said.

"I'm certain it will not happen again.

"It's not frustrating, it's simply unacceptable and that's it.

"I don't think I will have to tell them again.

"The points have been put across clearly to them. No one expects them to be best friends.

"There was a driver who said his toughest opponent on track is his team-mate, which is fair, but you have a responsibility to the team of which they have been reminded of again."

Ericsson suggested Nasr was told to move over seven or eight laps before their collision.

When asked if the drivers will move over immediately when they get a team order in future, she said: "I expect that, yes."

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