Q & A with Nelsinho Piquet

Q. Will this result set you up for a stronger second half of the season?

Nelsinho Piquet: Obviously everything needs to be better than the first part of the championship. I was very unlucky, a lot of bad things happened but hopefully everything will be good from now on.

Q. Do you feel less under pressure?

NP: I was just a bit unlucky. Every team pushes its drivers to go better. I know what I can do, what I can show. I just needed a bit of luck and a good car in my hands.

Q. You scored your first points, but it was a good one for you.

NP: I struggled a bit in the beginning of the race but the last two stints it was much better. It was a race where I had to push 99% of the time. I didn't have much traffic in front of me. It was good in the beginning holding the McLarens behind me. Unfortunately there was a little problem on the exit of the pits...

Q. What happened?

NP: My hand just slipped on the neutral button. I think the same thing happened with Lewis Hamilton once or twice!

Q. How was the battle with Alonso?

NP: It wasn't really a fight. He did a tiny mistake and I got an advantage.

Q. Is this a good boost for you considering the pressure you've been under?

NP: For sure. Sooner or later it was going to arrive, thank god it arrived in the right moment and hopefully it will be a snowball now just getting bigger.

Q. Will this race help you?

NP: Every single mile we drive helps a little bit more.

Q. Was the main gain in qualifying or consistency in the race?

NP: I think both. The strategy was very good, the car was very good. The penalty of the McLarens helped obviously. It could be better and I maybe could have qualified a bit better, it's all things we need to analyse.

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