Q & A with Jenson Button

Q. How did it feel to be back in the cockpit?

Jenson Button: It is good to be back in the car, it's different to the last time I drove it. I am not having a lot of electronics in the car so it is good. For the last few days we have been working on electronics, trying to make the car more drivable, the engine a bit more drivable, so it has been a busy couple of days.

Still we are not where we want to be with it, but it has been a positive couple of days, making a step forward instead of not knowing where we are going. We've got a direction, which is good.

Q. Is it still fun to drive?

JB: Definitely, it is not exactly .... In a lot of corners you really don't feel the difference. Yes, starts are going to be more fun. We have not done much work on the starts yet.

Q. The appointment of Ross Brawn, how are you taking it?

JB: I am very happy, you know. I think this is what the team needs. The guy has got so much experience in F1. One man does not turn round the whole team but I think his input, his guidance and his direction are going to make a big difference. He has done it all before and I am really looking forward to working with him.

I have spoken to the guy and I cannot wait to meet up with him. I have not met him since he has become part of the team. I hope I will meet him soon and we run through a few things. I think everyone is excited about the new appointment. Ross coming to us is amazing but we also have lot of other people coming to the team. I expect them to do a great job, and Ross adds to that."

Q. Were you glad this season is now done and over with?

JB: It was not an easy season, and the car was not very good, but the important thing is we realised the issues, we made changes and it worked. And we have changed our direction and our thinking, especially aerodynamically. We are on the right track, and I am happy with the way things are going.

It might have been written differently in the press but it was written very badly. Normally when you say positive and negative you get your positive put forward not the negative. I have always said that this year's car was very difficult to drive, and not very good. I do not think the team minds me saying that, the important thing is we knew the problems.

As a team we are very strong. We have made a lot of improvements to the 2007 car but already on the new car it is already looking positive. I am really happy.

Q. Have you seen the new car, or bits of it already?

JB: Of course, I have been to the factory ... it is on the right track.

Q. What did you think of Michael Schumacher's return?

JB: He did well. He got into one of the best cars, which is always nice. He did a good job. I think it is useful for the team, with the experience he has. I think it is another view of things, which is useful.

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