Kovalainen still unsure about future

Heikki Kovalainen has admitted he is still unsure about his plans for next season, but the Finn says he just wants to be in a competitive car

Kovalainen, who made his Grand Prix debut with Renault this season, is yet to be confirmed at the French squad, and he has been linked with the second seat at the McLaren team following the exit of Fernando Alonso.

"I am not confirmed (at Renault)," Kovalainen told reporters after testing at Barcelona. "I do not have contracts with anyone, and I have different options (from Renault). I think Renault potentially is a strong team.

"I hope I can stay but we will see, as there are other options which are interesting. You just don't know who is going to be strong next year. It could be anyone, that is why it takes a bit of time."

He added: "I think I am in a very good position with the team. They know me and they know the potential from this season. I can do a good job for the team but obviously Fernando is still a free agent, I believe.

"I think any team would love to have Fernando. I believe Renault is trying to get him back to the team , and we need to see whether I drive the other car or it's someone else. You know we have not decided yet, so we really don't know."

Renault team boss Flavio Briatore revealed he had already made an offer to Alonso to return to the team next season, and the Spaniard is widely expected to rejoin the French squad.

Kovalainen, however, has made it clear that if he stays at Renault he will want equal status to his teammate from the start of the season.

"I want to be in a competitive car to be able to fight for victories and the championship, wherever that is," he added.

"It does not matter as long as it is competitive, and I have equal status with my teammate. I am not willing to support anyone from the beginning of the season, everyone know this.

"I made it very clear to Renault. The thing is when I go to Melbourne I want to know I can fight for the championship. It is okay if the other driver is stronger at the end of the season and if I need to help, then it is fine.

"But I need to be able to start the season fair and square and with equal treatment, and that is very important for me."

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