NASCAR Chief Questions Handling of Indy

NASCAR CEO Brian France has questioned Formula One's handling of the United States Grand Prix tyre fiasco - and insisted his series would have ensured a solution was found to guarantee the race went ahead with a full field

Speaking before Wednesday's announcement that the FIA found the seven Michelin teams guilty on two charges of damaging the sport, France claimed that NASCAR would have never let its fans down in the way that Formula One did at Indianapolis.

"I don't comment too much on other people's policies or issues, because you never quite know all of the circumstances that went into the outcome that happened, but I will say that we would have handled that very differently at Indianapolis as people would hope that we would," said France when asked by reporters about his reaction to the events.

"We would, I believe, have found a solution to avoid such a thing. That just is what it is, because it does have a repercussion."

He added: "We're all in one industry. Any time fans and partners and all the rest are not getting even close to what they bargained for, that's not a good thing for anyone. I know they are working on how to solve them, and best of luck to them. We would have just handled that differently."

The FIA have blamed Michelin for causing the Indianapolis problems by failing to bring suitable tyres, but believe the French tyre company's teams were equally wrong in having not ensured they had safe tyres and by choosing not to race.

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