Mosley Proposes Indy Refund

Tyre supplier Michelin should offer to compensate Formula One fans for the tyre fiasco that marred last weekend's United States Grand Prix and free tickets should be made available for next year's event, FIA president Max Mosley has suggested

In a lengthy statement issued on Wednesday, Mosley claimed that the best way forward to make up for the disappointment caused by the mass withdrawal of the seven Michelin teams from the Indianapolis event is for financial compensation to be paid.

"My personal view, and it is only my personal view, is that Michelin should offer to compensate the fans on a fair basis and ask the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to coordinate this," said Mosley.

"Then (Indianapolis owner) Tony George and Bernie Ecclestone should jointly announce that the US Grand Prix will take place at Indianapolis in 2006 and that anyone who had a ticket this year would be entitled to the same ticket free-of-charge next year. But I emphasise, that's just my personal view."

Mosley remains adamant that there were ways for the Michelin runners to have taken part in the United States Grand Prix without the need for the much talked about chicane before Turn 13.

He believes that a speed limit through the final corner or even teams using the pitlane were a much better option than the cars pulling into the pits after the formation lap.

And although there are suggestions that the FIA will come down hard against the Michelin teams for their actions in Indianapolis at a hearing of their World Motor Sport Council next week, with either points deductions or big fines likely, Mosley has made it clear that the teams will be given a fair hearing.

"We will listen carefully to what the teams have to say," he said. "There are two sides to every story and the seven teams must have a full opportunity to tell theirs. 

"The atmosphere will be calm and polite.  The World Motor Sport Council members come from all over the world and will undoubtedly take a decision that is fair and balanced."

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