Miami braced for lawsuits over planned 2019 Formula 1 race

Miami's Mayor Francis Suarez admits the city will likely face legal threats over the planned Formula 1 Grand Prix, but insists everything will be done to avoid disrupting local residents

Miami is locked in contract talks with Formula 1 over hosting a street race in October next year.

But during the approval of that first step of the process by the City Commission earlier this month, commissioner Joe Carollo raised the likelihood of legal threats from locals before he gave his approval.

"I was around back in the heyday of the Miami Grand Prix, and we're going to have major activity that disrupts - either through noise or street closures - the lives of these thousands of residents," said Carollo.

"We're going to end up being sued and I'm going to tell you that they're probably going to win suits.

"As a family [the City Commission], we need to look at this.

"Having said that, I'm ready to move forward because this [step] is only authorising the administration to sit down, discuss and negotiate and come back to us for a final ruling."

In an exclusive interview with Autosport, Suarez acknowledged those concerns but said everything would be done to allay the fears of residents who will face disruption.

"The residents are our bosses," he said. "And we have to take into account their concerns.

"The two major homeowner associations in the area have already expressed some concerns, but also said that this may be good for us. I think that's a positive start.

"Often residents can start off in opposition, but the fact they're open to working with promoters and other stakeholders, for me that's a big positive.

"From what I've seen from the promoters, they are very conscientious that this is a race that does impact residents and businesses, and everything I've seen from them indicates that they're going to listen and work hard to make everybody happy."

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