McLaren F1 testing 2018: Fans give their verdicts on pre-season

After Formula 1 completed its 2018 pre-season testing, McLaren has become one of the hottest topics on the Autosport Forums

With McLaren having ditched Honda power for a deal with Renault, expectations were high for better performance and reliability in 2018.

But after a final day of testing in which McLaren again lost time to mechanical problems, the team admitted it has not prepared well enough.

A sizable upgrade to the car is expected for the Australian Grand Prix and fans on the Autosport Forums have had their say on McLaren's start to 2018 and whether it can compete this season.

Mc_Silver: I'm sure these next two weeks will be fairly busy in MTC [McLaren Technology Centre]. It has to fix these reliability issues and make the new aero package ready at the same time.

But I'm sure it will be alright in a few races. Just give it a bit of time guys. McLaren will be alright.

aray: Before any new aero [updates], I just want them to fix out those 'heat pockets' problems. I would be happy if they keep same aero configuration in Australia, but can run through the weekends without those scorching marks.

Nytelotus: If we consider the limited track time we [McLaren] have had compared to others, Alonso's last effort and Stoffel's [Vandoorne] last stint [on Thursday] on medium tyres things do not look so grim.

Reliability is going to be key. Hopefully, McLaren will be on top of it come Melbourne.

Joseki: The car seems to be reasonably competitive when it doesn't break down.

Osiris: I think it'll be competitive if McLaren can make it last a whole weekend! I'm happier with McLaren-Renault.

Still strange to say, but I keep thinking back to those Williams-Renault days and hope McLaren can get the same type of results!

Have your say on McLaren's 2018 car

MastaKink: We'll see what Melbourne has in store. Some disappointments with the issues and lack of running but a nice stint [on Thursday] on mediums and a couple of decent hypersoft laps so McLaren is still in the hunt for fourth [in the constructors' standings] I think.

Insane111: Unlike the previous three years, this is something to build from.

sanchez854: Recent years there was a huge gap between the top three and others so let's hope this won't be the case if McLaren is the fourth best team.

I have really high hopes regarding updates for Melbourne. [McLaren's chief technical officer, aerodynamics] Peter Prodromou said that McLaren has been working on it for more than three months and, according to what we have seen so far, the car has been built for the aero guys to have as much playing ground as possible.

Disgrace: It feels like McLaren is trying to be a top team, but is just not ready. McLaren will be redesigning parts while others will be optimising what they already have.

I think it's fair to say it is in trouble. It's not just set-up time they're behind on.

Cyanide: I expected a bit more than midfield, to be honest.

At least McLaren has issues it now has control over, whereas with Honda it was powerless to fix the primary problem. McLaren can bounce back from this, just the pressure will be quite extreme to get it done quickly.

Nicktendo86: Well I for one am happy McLaren has been ambitious. I'd take an ambitious team that need to get the car to work over one playing it safe.

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