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Mark Hughes: Pirelli's horror show

Nico Rosberg took his second win of 2013 in the British Grand Prix, but the race was marked by the tyre drama that made the whole paddock agree that F1 needs changes quickly. Mark Hughes offers an in-depth review of the events

The crowd's hero was leading his home grand prix, looked to have it all under control. It was a beautiful sunny day and all was right with the world...

Bang! "I felt it fractionally before it actually went," said Lewis Hamilton a couple of hours later, still numb of emotion. "It just suddenly went a bit loose as I was coming out of Turn 5. I didn't think it was about to explode; I just felt something a bit strange. Then it went. You're just a passenger for a moment, because as the left-rear drops down, the front-right is up in the air and you're in fifth gear with only two wheels on the ground, fighting for control."

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