Klien 'Totally Disappointed' with Liuzzi Swap

Christian Klien has admitted that he is 'totally' disappointed with his team Red Bull Racing's decision to replace him for the next three races with teammate Vitantonio Liuzzi

Red Bull have signed both Austrian Klien and Italian Liuzzi this season without initially declaring either as the racing driver alongside David Coulthard. But shortly before the season began, the team said Klien would take the racing seat while Liuzzi would hold the Friday test driver role.

After three races, the team then decided to allow Liuzzi to take the racing seat, and he is guaranteed to race for at least three rounds.

Speaking on his website today, Klien said he fully understands the reasons why the team chose to give Liuzzi the opportunity, but the Austrian said the decision was disappointing to him personally.

"To be honest I was totally disappointed when I heard the news," he explained. "I had totally wanted to continue to prove my good condition and top form this season. I want to score more points for the team.

"My performance over the first three weekends had shown that I am in the middle of a very positive and successful development, despite being only in my second year in F1.

"It is true that the 'cockpit sharing' with Liuzzi had been expected since the start of the season. Since starting the tests I had been always better in comparison with Liuzzi, which is why I was given the privilege to start the season.

"Now it is Liuzzi's turn to show his qualities. This is the strategy for Red Bull to give us both equal chances. I do accept the decision that Red Bull has taken.

"Nevertheless it will be extremely hard for me to watch the next three races out of the pit as a spectator. Hopefully there are ways where I can support the team out of the pit or by other means."

Klien might still be able to drive for Red Bull during these three races - but only during Friday practice.

Red Bull Racing are trying to persuade their rival teams to change the rules regarding Friday third drivers, so as to allow Klien to take up that role from Imola - despite being over-qualified according to the current rules.

But Klien himself was hesitant over his chances to drive on Fridays.

"We are trying to get a change of regulation in order for me to be able to be part of the Friday practice," said Klien. "Other than that, I assume that I will be back in the race cockpit at the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. This decision will be taken by Red Bull only after the Monaco Grand Prix."

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