Hungary preview quotes: Force India

Adrian Sutil: "Hockenheim obviously wasn't the best race weekend for us, unfortunately. We had a mechanical issue in practice, which in turn affected qualifying and the result was that I started at the back, so we had to try a pretty creative race strategy: use the option tyres at the start; pit very early; and put on the hard tyre and go the whole race. Otherwise you spend a lot of time trying to overtake other people

However, because of the radio conversations with Tonio and I coming in at the same time, they mixed up the tyres in my stop and I had to pit again to change the left rear. This set didn't perform well, and after a few laps it was sliding and I flat-spotted the front. I changed to the soft tyres and did quite well - good lap times - and could at least enjoy my driving.

"But now we can look forward to the next race in Hungary. Budapest is a great city, it's beautiful there, and always nice and warm. I'm looking forward to it after a cold weekend in Germany! The Hungaroring is actually a difficult track, with a lot of corners that require focus as one leads into the next without any recovery time. I like driving there, even though the average speed is quite low. Qualifying is very important, and despite our recent form in this area, I'm always confident I can make it into the top 10.

"We'll also try new parts, including a new blown diffuser on the Friday. In the past I've never had much luck in Hungary. But this is a new year for me - year zero - with a competitive car, a strong position in the championship and everything to push for."

Vitantonio Liuzzi: "Like Adrian, Hockenheim was one of those races you have every so often that doesn't seem to ever come together. The accident in qualifying was a real disappointment as I got caught out on a damp patch on the kerb. But because of where it was, the car went straight into the wall and I missed the rest of the session and started from 22nd position. I had a good start but got squeezed into one corner and thought I'd damaged the front wing. I had a discussion with the team during the lap, and we decided to pit and change it.

"Adrian was in front of me in the pit lane when I came in as part of his strategy, so it all happened very quickly. There was a misunderstanding with tyres, so I had to make another stop to put it right. The race was basically difficult from that point, which was a shame because we had a strong pace, and with the hard tyres we were really consistent and fast. It was good enough to be in the top 10, if we had started in front.

"But Hungary is now coming very soon and although we know it could be a tough weekend for us -because of the strength of the competition - we still have a chance to fight for points because we're always there when everything goes right. It's like a big Monaco in that the circuit is very twisty and there's not much room for overtaking. And at Monaco we were quite strong.

"I like the track and I've been pretty fast there in the past. It's all about the rhythm, akin to a kart circuit, so I like it! It's one of the old school circuits with a nice atmosphere and a beautiful city, and it's always good to be there. I believe we have a chance to score points, but the other teams won't make it easy."

Paul di Resta, test and reserve driver: "In Hungary I'll be getting back to my normal Friday duties, driving in the first free practice when I replace Tonio. Of course, after sitting out Hockenheim, I'm looking forward to getting back out there. The Hungaroring will be another new track for me so I've been doing my homework, going in the simulator, looking through last year's data and talking with the engineers to be as prepared as I can.

"It looks like it's quite a tight track and the cars don't get going as much as other circuits like Silverstone or Melbourne. But I've always enjoyed watching the races there so hopefully it will be good to drive.

"The year is really flying by now and we're well over half way. I feel so much more comfortable in the car, and at the moment it's even more exciting to be part of the programme as the team is now under pressure to move forward and do the best job it possibly can."

Dr Vijay Mallya, chairman and team principal: "Germany was very disappointing for the team but I see it as a blip rather than anything more significant. It started very well, of course, with Adrian P1 in first free practice, but after that we didn't get to grips with the track and one issue led directly into the next. Fortunately it was only the second time this year we have missed out on the points and - more importantly - we did not lose any ground to our main rivals, so we got off lightly all things considered. However, this clearly cannot happen again as the race for fifth and sixth in the championship is closer than ever and we need to finish with at least one car in the points at each race from now on.

"We can, however, be confident that we have enough strength in current performance and the new developments coming. On Friday we will test the blown diffuser, which we believe will give us a big step forward. We will analyse the findings and any data will be fed back into the programme for the second half of the year. Similarly, we have some new developments on the front of the floor.

"This year we have a much more balanced car over all types of tracks and, while we are looking forward to Spa and Monza as high speed tracks that should suit our car, I think we will hold our own in Hungary."

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