Heidfeld predicts more accidents

BMW Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld fears there could be a spate of on-track clashes early in the 2009 season as drivers get used to running wheel-to-wheel with the new wide front wings

The German, who along with teammate Robert Kubica and test driver Christian Klien ran with 2009 aerodynamic parts during BMW Sauber's tests at Barcelona and Jerez in November and December, believes that drivers could get caught out by the wider front wings when fighting on track.

"I think it might happen more often, especially in the beginning because you need to get used to it," said Heidfeld when asked by whether he expected there to be more contact.

"Sitting in the car, you can't see the front wing. OK, you know it is there, but from previous years you will have got so used to what you had that maybe at the start or in a very quick situation where you have to react without thinking, I could imagine that we would see more wings touching."

Heidfeld admitted that when he first tried the new front wing in the Barcelona test at November, he was concerned that that the wing would pick up damage very easily from general track use.

"When I saw the car for the first time, I was convinced we would take the front wing off on the first lap," he said. "But it didn't happen and there was no problem."

He also believes it is too early to make a judgement on how effective the new aerodynamic rules will be in allowing a car to follow another one closely, which could potentially make overtaking easier.

"With the wings that we have it's no secret should be less affected by wind and therefore might be a bit easier to drive," he said. "But at the moment it is difficult to tell."

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