Gene Says Europe will Suit Bridgestone

Ferrari test driver Marc Gene has given Ferrari minor cause for optimism that they can expect a boost in performance from tyre supplier Bridgestone, after evaluating the latest rubber developments at Barcelona in Spain this week

Bridgestone have accepted a lot of the blame for Ferrari's disappointing start to the season, and the hot temperatures experienced in Malaysia and Bahrain have usually favoured their rivals Michelin.

But the start of the European season should lead to the cooler conditions that Bridgestone traditionally excel in, and Gene is convinced that this week's Barcelona running has provided enough evidence to show that the tyre company are making progress.

"Well, if I look at our lap times and compare them with Renault's, who are the team to beat now, I can say that we are on the right track," he told Gazzetta dello Sport. "Clearly we suffered in the heat in Malaysia and Bahrain, but now that we're facing cooler races, the situation could improve by itself."

Although Gene's work this week has been in the F2004M, he still believes that the tyre improvements experienced should carry over into the F2005, which is being tested today by Rubens Barrichello.

"The fact that I'm using the old car doesn't matter much because the new one isn't totally different: it's just faster, by five to seven tenths per lap," explained Gene. "So the behaviour of the tyres doesn't change. So, if they are good on the M,  they will be as good on the F2005."

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