Fry: Honda announcement due soon

Nick Fry has all but confirmed the former Honda Racing team will be saved, saying an announcement about the Brackley-based squad's future will be made very soon

"There is an announcement due shortly... that is all I can say," said Fry during the FOTA press conference in Geneva on Thursday.

Fry attended the FOTA meeting in place of Honda Racing's team principal Ross Brawn, who was originally scheduled to be in Geneva.

Fry admitted his team would not have survived it if hadn't been for FOTA's help.

"I think it is correct to say that our team has and will benefit in the future from FOTA in two ways," he added. "The first one is clearly the cost reductions will help us enormously in our challenges the team will face in the next two or three years, but I think as important as the cost reduction is the level of support that we have received from all the teams.

"In particular that I would like say that on the day that Honda announced their withdrawal from the sport we received support from Luca di Montezemolo personally, unconditional support for our team and from Ron Dennis.

"There has been an enormous amount of activity behind the scenes, everyone on the stage here has helped us preserve our team and I think myself and Ross and our 700 employees all thank them for that. So the answer is yes (the team would have died without FOTA)."

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