FIA considering F1 engine rules changes after Honda meeting

The FIA is considering whether or not it should make further changes to Formula 1 rules, following a meeting with Honda this week

Representatives of the Japanese car manufacturer met with F1 race director Charlie Whiting on Monday for discussions about the governing body's stance to the engine homologation rules.

Honda is unhappy that a rules clarification issued by the FIA at the end of last year allows its rival to continue developing their engines throughout 2015, while its own power unit must remain frozen.

It feels that the decision by the FIA to impose on it a February 28 homologation date, with no room for it to update its engine until next winter, will put it at a disadvantage.

But with FIA sources having made clear that Honda had never been due any freedom to upgrade its engine anyway, and remains free to keep working on it unhindered until the end of next month, there remained differing views about just how much the rules interpretation would hold it back.

Although no details of what was agreed in Monday's meeting have been revealed, it is understood the discussions went well and the FIA has agreed to reconsider the matter.

However, although talks between Honda and the FIA on the situation are likely to continue, there is no guarantee that Honda will get any of the concessions it would like.

If the FIA decides that Honda should be treated differently though, then it could allow it the same 32 development tokens that Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes are allowed to use to improve their power units this season.

That would then put it on the same development path over future campaigns without it feeling that it has been put at a disadvantage by joining the new turbo rules formula a year later than everyone else.

However, giving Honda too much freedom could leave Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes upset, because some of their design has been totally frozen for nearly 12 months now, during which time Honda has been able to take on board lessons and improve its own concept.

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