F1 News: Biometric underwear to measure drivers' vitals gets FIA homologation

Marelli and OMP Racing have received FIA homologation for a fire-retardant undershirt that features an integrated system for measuring the vital parameters of a driver

Known as VISM, or Vital Signs Monitor, it is the result of a joint project between the two companies.

It is the latest step in a move by racewear manufacturers to measure biometric data, which began with gloves.

The idea is to provide real time measurement of vital signs, allowing a driver's team to monitor stress and fatigue, via sensors that measure the heart rate and breathing.

The makers say that the shirt has three main applications; performance monitoring, data collection for training and safety features thanks to the constant monitoring of vital parameters in all the different situations encountered during racing.

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Special attention has been paid to ensuring confidentiality and privacy in respect to the data collection.

"VISM is a tool for professional drivers to monitor biometric data," said Riccardo De Filippi, CEO of Marelli Motorsport.

"It is designed with a direct interface to the data acquisition and telemetry systems of a race car and includes end-to-end protection of sensitive data, giving the user full control of its use. We believe this experience is a major step forward in the development of safety systems as well as active driver aids, for passenger cars too."

"The cooperation with Marelli is that kind of teamwork that makes you bless the moment you decided to pick up the phone and propose the project," Paolo Delprato, OMP Racing CEO, added. "It's a mutual enrichment and it has produced a great device, which combines safety and performance."

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