Dupasquier to Stay at Michelin as Advisor

Pierre Dupasquier will remain at Michelin on an advisory role, Autosport-Atlas has learned

Dupasquier will not be working in the motorsports department, however.

The 67-year-old Frechman, who has been with Michelin for three decades and had planned to retire at the end of this year, will instead remain with the company and work with the various departments in Michelin worldwide in an attempt to optimize their performance and instill the Michelin philosophy.

"The truth is, that I am absolutely delighted to understand that what has been done for years in the motorsport department has a value for Michelin, and they still want me to pass that message and behaviour to the rest of the company," Dupasquier told Autosport-Atlas.

The Formula One paddock held a farewell party for Dupasquier in China on Saturday, with guests from every team, including Ferrari and Bridgestone.

"It was very nice," Dupasquier said, "even though Bernie [Ecclestone] gave me a hard time - he changed the wiring of my microphone!"

Dupasquier's final motorsport event as the head of Michelin's motorsport department will be the MotoGP season finale at Valencia, Spain, next month.

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