Brendon Hartley to start French GP from the back due to engine penalties

Brendon Hartley will take a grid penalty for the French Grand Prix after receiving a complete set of fresh Honda Formula 1 engine components

The Toro Rosso driver was told to stop shortly before the end of Friday's second practice session and said afterwards he feared needing an engine change.

Honda has now confirmed it has fit a new internal combustion engine, MGU-H, turbocharger, MGU-K, control electronics and energy store to his car.

Hartley had already reached the limit of components he could use without incurring a grid penalty.

F1's sporting regulations decree a loss of 10 places the first time an additional element is used and five places for each element thereafter, giving Hartley a total tally of 35.

Under the new-for-2018 system, if a driver incurs a penalty exceeding 15 places they are sent to the back of the grid.

Hartley's replacement engine is still the upgraded specification that Honda introduced in Canada.

Honda has sent the engine that suffered the problem back to Japan for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson's replacement chassis has been given the green light by FIA scrutineers after he heavily damaged his original car in a fiery FP1 crash on Friday.

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