Brawn undecided on trackside role

Honda Racing team principal Ross Brawn has said he is undecided on exactly what his trackside role will be next year - as he hints he may steer clear of heading race strategy decisions

Brawn is regarded as a strategic genius, having helped Ferrari from the pit wall during his successful period as their technical director.

Although his abilities and experience would likely be a benefit to Honda in race situations, Brawn has made it clear that he will not necessarily get involved if he feels the team are already strong enough in that area.

"I need to see where the strengths and weaknesses of the team are operationally at the track," said Brawn, who only started work at Honda in November.

"I don't want to get involved unless I have to, although I enjoy such things. Whether I will have the sort of role I had at Ferrari, where I was the person on the pit wall at whom the buck stops, I don't know.

"We'll have to see how it works. I'm happy to do that, and I'm equally happy if someone else can do it."

Brawn has said that he actually played less and less a role in strategy in his latter seasons as Ferrari, with Luca Baldisserri taking on more responsibilities in that area.

"More and more as the years went by at Ferrari, Baldisserri was doing that for me. Honda appear to have quite a sensible group of people working on the strategy and I haven't done it for many years, getting involved in the donkey work of the strategy.

"But I have been prepared in the past to make a decision on the pit wall if need be. But we still have to work out how we will do that here."

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