BAR Willing to Pay Williams for Button

BAR boss Nick Fry has told rivals Williams that his team are now ready to step in and find a solution to Jenson Button's contract dispute - and he has even hinted on a compensation package

Fry has previously insisted that the matter had to be resolved in private between Button and Williams, but with a deadlock remaining he has made it clear that BAR are now ready to get involved themselves if asked.

"If Williams came to us and wanted to do a deal then we are open to discussion," said Fry ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix. "The final details have to be sorted between Williams and Jenson but if it helps and Williams want to involve us then we are all open to help the situation."

There have been suggestions that one way of BAR placating Williams may be by helping them secure a future supply of Honda engine, but Fry has said it would be more likely to be a financial deal that was hammered out.

"It is up to them to make a suggestion," he added. "I think he (Jenson) is worth a lot to both teams. We wouldn't be squabbling over him if he were not, but his value is impossible to quantify."

The offer of help from BAR will be welcomed by Button - although Fry has insisted the team will not jump into the situation until it is specifically asked to do so by Williams.

"It would not be appropriate or even potentially legally wise for us to do so (without being asked)," he said. "The contract exists between Williams and Jenson's management company and it doesn't involve us.

"If we were to intervene it could be viewed that we are aiding and abetting Jenson to get out of what may be a legally binding contract, and that would be viewed somewhat dimly.

"We will deliberately not get involved because we are not party to either contract. We will give Jenson moral and emotional support and we have made it clear that we want him to drive for us and we will hang on and wait until the situation is resolved, but we can't get our lawyers working on it."

Honda's F1 racing boss Yasuhiro Wada believes that a financial offer to Williams for Button's services would not the ideal solution for them, but one they may have to consider.

"I don't think that is the way to go," he said when asked about offering a compensation deal for Button. "But if money makes something different, we may have to think about it, but the things Williams are saying it is not a money issue.

"If they are willing to negotiate with some money then we may, but that is not the case."

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