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F1 Italian GP Live commentary and updates - Race

Live updates from Sunday for the Italian GP at Monza.

F1 Italian GP Live commentary and updates - Race

By: Jake Boxall-Legge, Haydn Cobb, Megan White


  • McLaren take 1-2 in the Italian Grand Prix with Ricciardo winning ahead of Norris
  • Bottas takes third having started P19
  • Verstappen and Hamilton out of the race after contact at the chicane
  • Both AlphaTauris and Mazepin also out of the race


  1. Ricciardo, McLaren
  2. Norris, McLaren
  3. Bottas, Mercedes
  4. Leclerc, Ferrari
  5. Perez, Red Bull
  6. Sainz, Ferrari
  7. Stroll, Aston Martin
  8. Alonso, Alpine
  9. Russell, Williams
  10. Ocon, Alpine
Status: Stopped
And that concludes the triple header - we'll see you in two weeks' time for the Russian GP at Sochi. Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks for joining us!
We'll leave you to enjoy the podium celebrations - meanwhile, here's the race report:
It's time to fill your boots, Australia - we're getting a shoey.
Ricciardo: "I've been a sandbagging SOB all year - fourths, fifths...I might as well just win."
Ricciardo: "It worked well for me yesterday, and I knew even if we got the start it wasn't guaranteed we'd lead the whole race. To lead from start to finish, I don't think any of us expected that. But I knew something good was to come."
Norris: "We've had a pretty awesome weekend. Four years ago when I joined the team, we were working towards this. Now we've got a 1-2."
Bottas: "Starting from the back, it's never easy. I told the team we were gonna be on the podium today, and we did."
Obviously, the thing Ricciardo is most excited about is driving Dale Earnhardt's old NASCAR Cup Chevy Monte Carlo - owned by Zak Brown.
"And for anyone who thought I left - I never left. I just moved aside for a while," says Ricciardo over the radio.
Sainz claims sixth place from Stroll, with Alonso, Russell and Ocon rounding out the scorers.
Bottas completes the podium ahead of Leclerc, as Perez drops to fifth after his penalty.
Until now! Daniel Ricciardo wins the Italian Grand Prix - taking the fastest lap too! Lando Norris completes a McLaren 1-2!
Carlos Sainz Jr was within a whisker of winning this race last season - but McLaren still hasn't won since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix...
The two McLarens begin the final lap of the race.
Perez is doing enough to keep Bottas at bay, and has over five seconds over Sainz now.
Stroll, running well in P7, is under investigation for failing to slow under yellow flags. That could be trouble, with both Alonso and Russell less than five seconds behind him.
It's the penultimate lap.
"All we've got," Hugh Bird tells Perez. As it stands, he'll take sixth once his penalty is applied - can he build enough over Sainz to secure fifth?
Bottas had been getting closer to Perez once again, but it seems every time he gets within a decent range, Perez finds a bit more in reserve.
Giovinazzi gets ahead of Kubica, taking P13 off his Alfa Romeo stand-in team-mate. It could have been so much more for the Italian but his first lap clash set in motion a tough afternoon.
With five laps to go a lot of driver are being pinged for track limits at the final corner. Vettel, Russell and Alonso the latest to be warned about it.
Norris is closing up on Ricciardo slightly now, giving him a bit more protection from the cars behind - which have fanned out a bit now and no longer have use of DRS on each other.
Vettel gets ahead of Kubica to take P12 at the return to green flag action.
"Daniel has been told to pull away, let's go with him," Norris is told.
We're back to green flag racing, and Ricciardo is on the precipice of a 2s gap out front. Norris has also dropped Perez, despite the Mexican's rapid reaction to the VSC ending.

Mazepin has stopped on the exit of the Ascari chicane. That's the end of his race. Virtual Safety Car deployed.

Bottas gets a run on Perez into the Curva Grande and passes, but goes too deep into the chicane - which lets Perez re-pass him. Toto Wolff went through the gamut of expressions in that one second.
The news of his penalty must have shocked Mazepin, as he locks up under braking for the first chicane and takes to the run-off. The Russian duly pits at the end of the lap having flat-spotted his tyres.
Norris gets the call to keep the status quo between him and Ricciardo.
Mazepin has been given a five-second time penalty for the clash with team-mate Schumacher. That'll go down well at Haas.
Leclerc's found a bit more pace, and is closing up on Bottas now. The top six is now with six seconds!
15 laps remaining.
Away from the track action, here's the latest on the clash between Hamilton and Verstappen which will be investigated after the race:
Perez has a five-second time penalty for passing Leclerc off the circuit.
Ricciardo does indeed pull his finger out, going faster than the cars immediately behind him.
Both the Vettel vs Schumacher and Schumacher vs Mazepin clashes have been noted by the stewards. It could be a long afternoon in the 'telling off' office at the end of this race.
"I need Daniel to pick up the pace a bit, he's driving too slow," Norris says, worried about the pressure from behind.
Bottas does a 1m24.827s, as he now plans to cut through the leading trio.