F1 Hungarian GP Live commentary and updates - Race

Live updates from race day for the Hungarian GP at the Hungaroring.

F1 Hungarian GP Live commentary and updates - Race

By: Jake Boxall-Legge, Tom Howard, Megan White


  • Ocon wins the Hungarian Grand Prix 
  • Vettel finishes second with Hamilton in third
  • Pierre Gasly took the fastest lap
  • Bottas, Leclerc, Stroll, Perez, Norris and Mazepin are out
  1. Ocon, Alpine
  2. Vettel, Aston Martin
  3. Hamilton, Mercedes
  4. Sainz, Ferrari
  5. Alonso, Alpine
  6. Gasly, AlphaTauri
  7. Tsunoda, AlphaTauri
  8. Latifi, Williams
  9. Russell, Williams
  10. Verstappen, Red Bull
Status: Stopped
Folks, have a WONDERFUL summer break - and we'll see you in a few weeks' time for the Belgian Grand Prix!

Here's the race report - we hope you enjoyed that one!


Ocon: "What a moment! It feels so good, first victory since the Renault group came back. We've come back to a fantastic pace and...what can I say? Congrats to Fernando too, the win is also thanks to him."
Vettel: "I'm obviously a bit disappointed, I think I was faster through the majority of the race but Esteban didn't do a mistake. Well deserved for him to celebrate his first victory."
So, Ocon and Vettel have both parked in the wrong place. Hamilton was the only man to restart from the grid, and to bring his car to parc ferme, so at least he's got that going for him...
"Oh man, I tried, I tried, I tried the whole race! Following is so hard...sorry guys," Vettel says, P2 being of little consolation.
Sainz claims fourth ahead of Alonso, with late fastest-lapper Gasly beating Tsunoda to sixth. And it's a big six-pointer for Williams, as Russell held off Verstappen at the end.
It's a special day for Williams. Latifi comes home in eighth while Russell finally snares his first points for the team in ninth. The drought is over!
What a stunning victory for Ocon! That's the Enstone squad's first win since 2013.
Sebastian Vettel has to accept second, as Lewis Hamilton recovers to third!
But at the end of the day, there's something you should know. Esteban Ocon wins the Hungarian Grand Prix!
Gasly did a late stop, taking on the softs to potentially steal away the fastest lap from Hamilton. Cheeky.
Final lap! Hamilton's closing in on the leaders - but he's 3s off Vettel at the moment.
Two laps remaining! Ocon is 1.5s clear of Vettel now - can the Aston Martin mount a late charge?
"Aaaaargh", Sainz exclaims. He's now got Alonso to think about behind him.
Sainz gave it a good go, and tried to fight it back around the outside of Turn 2, but Hamilton was too much for him.
Sainz is able to defend first time around, but his tyres are much older than Alonso's - and Hamilton clears the Ferrari driver with DRS into Turn 1!
While there is plenty action at the front, spare a thought for those in the Williams garage. It must be squeaky bum time down there, two cars in the points three laps remaining. Latifi is P8 with Russell, dare we say it, on course for two points in ninth.
Just a puff of lock-up smoke was all Hamilton needed from Alonso, and Sainz is next up for Hamilton.
Alonso goes deep into turn 1, and Hamilton finally breaks the Alpine driver's steely exterior and gets fourth place!
Alonso's latest defence came so close to contact at Turn 4, but still he hangs on to fourth. Hamilton is being forced to use the outside lines by Alonso.
Vettel is still scoping out Ocon, as Alonso is still keeping Hamilton at bay! The Alpines are defending with their lives.
Bottas has a five-place grid penalty for the start of the Belgian Grand Prix.
Just nine laps left now - we definitely didn't miss the 10-lap mark, we just like prime numbers.
Alonso continues his resolute defence against Hamilton, not willing to give Hamilton a single quarter.
Verstappen is in the points! Finally, the Red Bull driver sends one up the inside of his former team-mate Ricciardo and its successful.
"I need some more power if you've got any," Hamilton asks.
At the front, Ocon is still 1.1s clear of Vettel as the Aston Martin driver just can't find a way past.
Alonso continues to defend with all 40 years of experience, keeping Hamilton on the outside lines through turns 2 and 4. Proper old-school battle here.
15 laps remaining.
Alonso locked up into Turn 1, giving Hamilton a sniff at a pass, but the Spanish driver's defence has been impeccable in the following corners.
Tsunoda frustrated on the radio with his team mate's pace ahead. The team tries to calm its young gun down.
Ocon and Vettel have picked up the pace a bit to try and gap the Sainz-Alonso-Hamilton battle.
Verstappen is glued to the back of Ricciardo. Good battle here!
Ocon and Vettel had to dice with some traffic once more in the form of Mick Schumacher. Vettel's engineer says Hamilton will be with the pair with 10 laps to go.
Verstappen draws alongside and passes Raikkonen on the start/finish straight for 11th. The Red Bull man can sniff a point. Ricciardo is only a second or so up the road.
Vettel's getting close to Ocon again - we've got 20 laps to go, and this isn't over.
Vettel almost had a shot at the lead there! Raikkonen got in the way at Turn 1, and Vettel almost launched one down the inside of Ocon!
Gasly passes AlphaTauri team-mate Tsunoda for sixth spot now.
"Head down, hammer time all the way," Bono tells Hamilton. Alonso's about 14s ahead.