Live: F1 Barcelona pre-season test - Day 1

Formula 1 pre-season testing gets underway for the 2022 season in Barcelona with the opening day of the shakedown test.

Live: F1 Barcelona pre-season test - Day 1

All 10 teams are in action for the first official track running in the new era of F1, as the teams begin testing the new cars devised under the new technical regulations.

Track action gets underway at 8am GMT, while Haas is presenting its VF-22 F1 car to the media in the pitlane before the track opens, with the opening day finishing at 5pm GMT. The day will be split by a one-hour lunch break (12pm-1pm GMT) which can be reduced if requested due to lost track time from either red flags or poor weather conditions.

The opening day will provide the first real look at all of the 2022 F1 cars from every team, to see which teams have got it right and which have work to do. While never fully taken as the true pecking order, due to teams hiding outright performance levels by sandbagging their speeds, the tests still reveal an overview while giving teams which are struggling nowhere to hide.

The Barcelona shakedown test, conducted without live TV coverage or live timing, runs between 23-25 February. A second official test will follow in Bahrain on 10-12 March ahead of the 2022 F1 season opener at the same venue, the Bahrain Grand Prix, on 18-20 March.

By: Haydn Cobb, Jake Boxall-Legge


  1. Norris, McLaren, 1m19.568s, C4 - 103 laps
  2. Leclerc, Ferrari, 1m20.165s, C3 - 80
  3. Sainz, Ferrari, 1m20.416s, C3 - 73
  4. Russell, Mercedes, 1m20.784s, C3 - 77
  5. Hamilton, Mercedes, 1m20.929s, C3 - 50
  6. Vettel, Aston Martin, 1m21.276s, C3 - 52
  7. Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, 1m21.638s, C3 - 121
  8. Alonso, Alpine, 1m21.746s, C2 - 127
  9. Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m22.246s, C2 - 147
  10. Bottas, Alfa Romeo, 1m22.572s, C3 - 23
  11. Albon, Williams, 1m22.760s, C3 - 66
  12. Schumacher, Haas, 1m22.962s, C3 - 23
  13. Stroll, Aston Martin, 1m23.327s, C2 - 67
  14. Latifi, Williams, 1m23.379s, C3 - 66
  15. Mazepin, Haas, 1m24.505s, C2 - 20
  16. Kubica, Alfa Romeo, 1m25.909s, C3 - 9


-The opening day of 2022 F1 testing at Barcelona is underway
-Leclerc tops morning session for Ferrari, McLaren Red Bull and Mercedes also make strong starts
-Norris beats Leclerc's morning time to top the first day for McLaren
-Alfa Romeo complete just 32 laps on day one

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That's all for Live today folks - we'll be back tomorrow at 8am GMT for the second day of F1 testing at Barcelona! Thank you for joining us, and we'll see you tomorrow.

McLaren's Norris tops first day of 2022 F1 Barcelona test

Here's the full round up on today's action:

1104 laps of the Barcelona circuit was covered today, that's 5161.2km, or 3207.12 miles - that's more than driving the full width of the USA.
Amazingly, no stoppages or red flags in this opening day! Apart from a slight excursion from Max Verstappen in the gravel, everyone kept it clean.
We've got a bit more practice-startery going on now, but that's it - 16 drivers have had a crack at the F1 2022 machinery in this te...SHAKEDOWN EVENT. Only Ricciardo, Ocon, Gasly, Perez and Zhou are yet to drive.

First day of Barcelona F1 testing is over, with Norris fastest.

Lando Norris' 1m19.568s was the quickest time of the day, ahead of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr.
Norris is currently on 99 laps, and close to breaking the 100 mark. It seems he's doing a little bit of pitstop practice, with a series of in-out laps.
Five minutes, folks - and that's day one done and dusted.
Schumacher's out getting a few laps under his belt too as we approach the end of the session, bringing Haas's day 1 tally to 35 laps. Not great, but it's always better to get the issues out of the way early.
Norris peels 0.4s out of his timesheet-topping lap - posting a 1m19.568s to extend his margin over the rest of the field.
Stroll moves ahead of Latifi with a 1m23.327s laptime, going 13th fastest. Alonso has joined the fray too, adding laps to his uncertain current count owing to the earlier transponder issues confusing him with Ocon. Screens say 115, but we're not quite sure there...
With less than 20 minutes remaining, it's very much last orders. Stroll, Verstappen, Tsunoda and Sainz are currently out there trying to get those last little bits of data together for the teams to pore over through the night.
After a short lull in action following Schumacher's return to the pits, Verstappen emerges from the pits to tack extra laps onto his tally of 139.
Schumacher has returned to the action, setting a 1m23.009s on the C3 tyres to move up to 12th overall.
Joining the centurion crew is Yuki Tsunoda, who sits on 105 laps as things times. If Norris punches in 10 more laps in the next half-hour, he'll be part of the 100 club too.
Norris moves to the top of the timing boards! The McLaren driver sets a 1m19.951s to leapfrog the two Ferraris on the C4 tyres. Alonso has leapfrogged Albon for 10th, logging a 1m22.622, while Hamilton's return to the circuit after suspension tweaks has yielded a 1m20.929s.
Adam Cooper
"Hamilton is undergoing a front suspension set up change - half the team is standing in front of the car blocking the view! At Red Bull, Verstappen's side pods off and work is going on. He's out of the car, but on his way back now."
After a slow start to the afternoon, Bottas has now logged a slightly more encouraging 24 laps so far - as he comes in to pit. Sainz has now clocked in lap #55, as has Albon - who takes Williams' tally up to 121.
Albon posts a 1m22.760s to pull two tenths out of his laptime, setting personal bests in sectors 1 and 3.
Tech watch - The RB18 has sprouted some fins this afternoon to assist its cooling output, marked by the giant green arrow: