F1 Bahrain GP Live Updates - race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Hamilton wins F1 Bahrain GP from Verstappen and Albon as race finishes behind safety car due to Perez engine failure
Race delayed by an hour due to barrier damage following Grosjean's scary lap one crash
Haas driver makes remarkable escape from wrecked and flaming car before being taken to hospital for checks on burns to his hands and ankles
Hamilton dominates from pole ahead of Verstappen as Bottas suffers puncture from debris
Verstappen suffers slow second stop attempting to undercut Hamilton and makes an extra stop in a successful bid to get fastest lap
Perez running third when engine lets go with three laps to go, promoting Albon to second podium of the season
Racing Point double DNF after Stroll tipped into a barrel-roll by Kvyat, as strong day swings the race for third in the constructors' in McLaren's favour
Status: Stopped
17:33 Thanks everyone for joining us this evening and sticking with us. If you're feeling a little shaken, that's okay - I think we're all feeling it a bit. Take it easy, stay safe and join us again next week!
17:31 In comparison, Albon gets what's essentially a two-handed golden mug. He won't be too upset to get that.
17:30 A big ol' gold cup for Hamilton. He asks Verstappen to check the weight of it - it's got a fair bit of heft to it.
17:24 Hamilton: "It was such a shocking image to see [Grosjean's crash]. It shows the amazing job F1 and the FIA have done for him to walk away from something like that."
17:22 Verstappen: "We were just lacking a bit. We tried to keep [Lewis] close but they always had an answer. It is what it is - second place is good."
17:21 Albon: "Yeah, obviously a bit of luck involved with Sergio. But considering Friday, the guys did an amazing job to get the car ready. I felt like the last few races have been getting better and better, but the results didn't really show it."
17:20 Albon gets a "well done" from Hamilton, as the two Red Bulls make it onto the podium following Perez's blow-out.
17:17 Fourth and fifth for the McLarens, as Gasly hangs onto sixth. Ricciardo, Bottas, Ocon and Leclerc complete the top 10.
17:16 The fireworks feel a little gauche on a day like this, but still, a commanding win for Hamilton.
17:14 The safety car released Hamilton, and that's another win for the 2020 world champion! Verstappen and Albon will flank him on the podium.
17:13 Lewis Hamilton wins the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix!
17:13 A man ran across the track in front of Norris as he passed the stranded Racing Point.
17:12 Giovinazzi did pit under this safety car and has dropped to P16 and behind his team-mate Raikkonen. But that could be that for this race, which technically started three hours ago.
17:12 The Racing Point crew is distraught, head-in-hands. Naturally so - 15 points for the third place have disappeared into the ether. No score for the team in pink.
17:10 Hamilton is told not to come in, as we're set for a safety car finish.
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