Barcelona F1 test day two


By: Geoff Creighton


Status: Stopped
Driver, Team, Time, Tyre
Verstappen,Red Bull,1m20.326s,M
Ocon,Force India,1m21.841s,S
Gasly,Toro Rosso,1m21.318s,S
Here's the full report and results from Tuesday's test. Keep checking Autosport and this evening for all the reaction, and we'll see you back here for more live coverage from 7.45am UK time tomorrow:
F1 testing: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari lead Barcelona day two
Positions and lap count:
1 Vettel, 982 Bottas, 94
3 Vandoorne, 374 Verstappen, 675 Sainz, 656 Gasly, 827 Kubica, 488 Sirotkin, 529 Ocon, 7910 Leclerc, 8111 Magnussen, 36
Talk of snow (not that we could see any, but we only have a view of the main straight) meant the day ended with a bit of a whimper, but Ferrari and Mercedes on top suggests there was plenty of normal running in the middle. Despite waiting hours to really get going, plenty of teams finished up with a high lap count, too, so they made the most of the best (cold) weather Barcelona could offer today.
The chequered flag's out, that's it for Day 2 of Barcelona testing.
Kubica still 10s off his personal best on that set of wets.
Magnussen also sneaking out of the pits now.
Five minutes left on the clock, but that isn't putting off Gasly from heading out.
Former F3 sparring partners Ocon and Verstappen come in, leaving Kubica out on his own, circulating on wets in the 1m32s.
Ocon now making it a whole three cars on track.
The silence is short-lived as Kubica heads out, and now Verstappen is out again as well.
Now both are back in the pits. Vettel just two laps shy of the century now.
Verstappen now joining Vettel on track for a bit of last-minute lappage. 13 minutes left until the chequered flag.
Worth noting this late spell on track means Vettel is now ahead of Bottas in terms of laps complete, with 96 down.
Ferrari now indulging in a spot of pitstop practice, as evidenced by the loud whizzing of air-guns beneath us. Gasly, meanwhile, is circulating in the 1m31s.
Vettel is on intermediates for this run. A 1m34s that time by for the German.
Gasly is also back out for more lappery in the Toro Rosso.
Vettel decides the time is right to take advantage of an empty, 6.7C track and heads out.
Has something spooked you, chaps?

Has something spooked you, chaps?