Loeb Calls for Safety Improvements

Sebastien Loeb has called for rallying to be made safer after the death of Michael Park in last weekend's Rally GB

Park, 39, was killed when his driver Markko Martin left the road and collided with a tree. It was the first fatality in the WRC in 12 years.

The reigning WRC title holder has suggested that cars could be made stronger and this should be done even if this results in a heavier, slower WRC car.

"This accident has made me reflect,"  Loeb told his official website. "We all know that this sport involves risks. But the fatal accidents are rare, and we quickly forget the danger involved.

"The cars are well designed and solid but obviously this is not sufficient. There is always a compromise between safety and the weight.

"Of course, you wonder whether the cars too powerful and are not sophisticated enough. For driver the cars are very easy to get to the limit. And the desire to push it is there all the time.

"The speeds have perhaps become too high. One will never avoid deaths in any form of motor sport, but we must still make more effort. If it was necessary to add 30 kg to the roof because it makes it safer, then we should do it and impose it on everyone.

"There are surely things to find and optimise to improve safety."

Loeb forfeited his Rally GB victory and took a two-minute penalty on the event after Peugeot's withdrawal meant he would have clinched the title.

"I could not imagine for one second that it was right to win the championship under these circumstances," he added.

"I wanted to give up. But there are many stakes with the manufacturers' championship and after the team met we decided to take a penalty to drop us to third.

"If I must be champion, I want to have deserved it. Mathematically, Gronholm and Petter Solberg still have their chance. It is the rally which will decide the championship, and not a drama."

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