Burns tells fans not to worry

Britain's former World Rally Champion Richard Burns has told his army of fans not to worry about his health problems, according to his longtime co-driver and close friend Robert Reid

Speaking at AUTOSPORT International on Thursday, Reid passed on a message from Burns, who is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour.

"I spoke to Richard yesterday and told him I was coming up to the AUTOSPORT show, and he said 'tell everyone not to worry'," said Reid. "He's worried that everyone is worrying about him! He's in remarkably good spirits and doing really well."

With Burns out of action for the season as he concentrates on regaining his health, Reid is evaluating his options for 2004.

"I've been so busy with Richard, lending him my support, that I've not really thought much about what I'm going to do this year," said Reid. "I don't see myself co-driving, but I am keen on getting into management and driver development. We'll see what happens. There are a few offers floating about, and I think I'd get bored sitting at home."

When asked if he fancied 'doing a McRae' and contesting the Dakar Rally, Reid quipped: "I don't fancy 18 days in the desert with Colin...or anyone for that matter!"

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