Zytek Wins Stormy Spa 1000

Zytek Engineering has claimed the opening win of the Le Mans Endurance Series in a fog and rain affected 1000 Kilometres of Spa

Zytek Wins Stormy Spa 1000

The team, with drivers John Nielsen, Hayanari Shimoda and Casper Elgaard, outlasted challenges from Pescarolo Sport and Team Oreca as well as dealing with inclement weather and visibility of less than 100 metres that put paid to both rounds of the British Formula Three series.

Emmanuel Collard in the Pescarolo led away at the start from Stephane Ortelli in the Oreca Audi R8, with the pair running strongly ahead of the pack. Three hours later Ortelli claimed the lead, but teammate Jean Marc Gounon ran off behind the safety car.

The Pescarolo lost time to Zytek during an extended pitstop under one of the many safety car periods, as well as due to an inadvised call to run on slick tyres.

The new Lola B05/40 AER LMP2 scored its first class victory by running for two hours on each tank of fuel, stopping only three times against while the French Courage team having to stop twice as often.

FIA GT Champions BMS Scuderia Italia won the GT1 category, while TVR claimed a 1-2 in the GT2 class.

1000 Kilometres of Spa - Race Results

Pos Cl Drivers Make Time Laps Gap 1. LMP1 Shimoda H/Nielsen J/Elgaard C Zytek 04S 6:00:48.389 132 2. LMP1 Bouillon JC/Collard F/Comas E Pescarolo C60 6:02:45.225 131 1 3. LMP1 Short M/Barff J/Ickx V Dallara Judd 6:01:32.213 127 5 4. LMP1 Michigami R/Wakisaka J/Ara S Dome S101 HB Mugen 6:01:08.291 126 6 5. LMP2 Berridge B/Evans G/Owen P Lola AER 6:02:04.924 124 8 6. GT1 Gollin F/Ramos M/Cressoni M Ferrari 550 M 6:02:14.651 123 9 7. LMP2 Tinseau C/Pillon C/Amorin N Courage Mecachrome 6:02:11.983 121 11 8. GT2 Hughes W/Kane J/Tomlinson L TVR Tuscan T400R 6:01:06.592 120 12 9. GT1 Fomenko N/Vasiliev A/Bouchut C Ferrari 550 M 6:02:49.944 120 20 10. GT2 Hynes M/Pearce P/Temtleman J TVR Tuscan T400R 6:02:58.909 119 13 11. GT2 Groppi F/Moccia L/Camathias J Porsche 996 GT3 RS 6:02:59.385 119 14 12. GT2 Collin P/Felbermayr S/Felbermayr J Porsche 996 GT3 RS 6:01:15.717 117 15 13. GT2 Rosa G/Drudi L/Babini F Ferrari 360 Modena 6:01:17.701 117 15 14. GT1 Pescatori C/Bartyan M/Seiler T Ferrari 550 M 6:01:18.151 117 15 15. GT2 Lambert Y/Lefort C/Palltala M Porsche 996 GT3 RSR 6:01:22.377 116 16 16. LMP2 Rostan M/Bruneau P/Peugeot JP Pilbeam JPX 6:03:03.354 115 17 17. GT2 Hartshorne J/Stanton R/Eagling D TVR Tuscan T400R 6:01:23.319 113 19 18. LMP2 Newton M/Erdos T MG Lola EX 264 6:03:08.998 113 20 19. GT2 Petersen J/Leutwiller N/Lueders JD Porsche 996 GT3 RS 6:03:20.514 113 20 20. LMP2 Ugeux S/Prospero M Lucchini Alfa 6:02:37.565 111 21 21. LMP2 Gosselin Cy/Ojjeh K/Vosse V Courage C65 Ford 6:01:42.440 105 27 22. GT2 Noel S/Houzelot B Porsche 996 GT3 R 6:03:37.850 104 28 23. GT2 Kirkaldy A/Kinch N Ferrari 360 Modena 5:30:05.514 98 34 24. LMP2 Randaccio R/Mancini F Tampolli McLaren 5:48:51.713 98 38 25. GT1 Sutherland R/Gabbiani Gm/Cole R Saleen S7R 6:01:42.694 89 43 26. GT2 Yamagashi Y/Jones A/Pompidou X Porsche 996 GT3 RS 4:21:03.916 85 47 27. GT1 Perret P/Emeric JB/Leuenberger B Chrysler Viper 3:29:33.608 63 69 Did Not Finish Pos Cl Drivers Make Time Laps Gap 7 . LMP1 Minassian N/Campbell Walter DBA 03S Judd 5:25:39.498 115 17 4 . LMP1 Ortelli S/Gounon JM Audi R8 5:01:04.592 109 23 18. LMP1 Krumm M/Barbosa J/Thompson A Dallara Nissan 4:25:03.219 96 36 37. LMP2 Belmondo P/Andre D/Iannetta R Courage C65 Ford 4:26:18.705 89 43 35. LMP2 Hillebrand V/Deman L/Leroch JF Courage C65 Judd 4:53:04.823 86 46 89. GT2 Nielsen LE/Thyrring T/Ehret P Porsche 996 GT3 RSR 4:23:34.336 83 49 66. GT1 Bobbi M/Ruberti P/Lemeret S Saleen S7R 3:44:56.186 76 56 53. GT1 Kaufmann W/Van De Poele E Porsche 996 Turbo 3:47:18.799 64 68 6 . LMP1 Magnussen J/Moller J/Keen J Lister Storm LMP 2:27:46.885 51 81 98. GT2 Daniels P/Gooding D/Lavaggi G Porsche 996 GT3 RS 2:21:16.170 43 89 88. GT2 Cocker J/Sugden T Porsche 996 GT3 R 2:03:11.061 39 93 85. GT2 Van Merksteijn P/Munsterhuis F Spyker C8 Spyder GT2 1:42:34.147 31 101 9 . LMP1 Hignett S/Stack J/Kurosawa H Zytek 04S 1:10:05.479 28 104 67. GT1 Pergl R/Enge T Ferrari 550 M 1:10:59.580 26 106 96. GT2 Barazi J/Vergers M Porsche 996 GT3 RSR 1:14:27.450 26 107 45. LMP2 Peroni PG/Savoldi M Lucchini XV Judd 1:09:43.991 24 108 68. GT1 Kutemann P/Gosse A/Hugenholtz H Ferrari 575 GTC 1:10:01.866 23 109 13. LMP1 Cochet J/Frei A/Vann C Courage C60 0:54:08.379 20 112 21. LMP2 Maury Laribiere JL/Belloc JP/Briere B Courage Mecachrome 0:40:05.715 14 118 30. LMP2 Bennett P/Primat F/Fisken G Courage C65 Judd 0:21:30.996 8 124
Pescarolo on Pole for Spa 1000
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