Porsche closing on overall 1-2 at Le Mans in hour 20

Porsche is closing in on a one-two in the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours with just four hours remaining

Porsche closing on overall 1-2 at Le Mans in hour 20

The #1 car of Andre Lotterer, Nick Tandy and Neel Jani has held the lead for the last 10 hours and is now 13 laps ahead of the LMP2 runners.

But over the last hour the second Porsche has started to rise up the order and is now fifth in the hands of Brendon Hartley.

It remains just over two laps down on the second-placed #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA-Gibson 07 but is on course to claim the position with time to spare if its current pace continues.

The other LMP1 car still in the race has not made much further progress - Kazuki Nakajima is 13th overall in the sole remaining Toyota.


Everything is running smoothly for the #38 car of Oliver Jarvis at the head of LMP2.

That car has been making its pitstops bang on schedule and without problem and currently holds a lead of a lap over the #13 Rebellion ORECA of Mathias Beche, which had a four-minute pitstop for a hose replacement.

The #35 Signatech ORECA driven by Pierre Ragues holds third place, although the #37 Jackie Chan DC Racing ORECA of Tristan Gommendy and the # 32 United Autosports Ligier of Hugo de Sadeleer are not far behind.

Also in contention in that part of the field is the under-the-radar #40 Graff ORECA of Franck Matelli, which holds seventh ahead of former World Cup winning goalkeeper Fabian Barthez's Ligier.

The #31 Rebellion finally returned to the track after a 90-minute stay in the garage that included changing the gearbox cluster. That car runs 26thoverall with Nicolas Prost at the wheel.


Antonio Garcia moved into the lead of the GTE Pro class during the second half of the 20th hour on account of a scheduled pitstop by the Makowiecki/Pilet/Lietz #91 Porsche 911 that appears to be homing in on victory in the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Garcia has maintained the 16-second advantage #63 Corvette holds over the #97 Aston Martin, currently driven by Darren Turner, over the course of an impressive morning stint.

The #91 Porsche is currently third with Patrick Pilet at the wheel, but it will resume the lead when the Corvette and Aston make their next scheduled stops, and is expected to need to make one less pitstop than its rivals to get to the end

Ford's quickest car, the #67 Priaulx/Tincknell/Derani entry, is fourth and still on the lead lap, albeit a minute behind. Davide Rigon is a distant fifth in the #71 AF Corse Ferrari, a minute further adrift.

The #84 JMW Ferrari still has a lap in hand over its nearest GTE Am rival, which is now the similar #55 Spirit of Race entry.


Pos Class Car Drivers Laps Gap
1 LMP1 #1 Porsche Jani, Lotterer, Tandy 315
2 LMP2 #38 Oreca Tung, Laurent, Jarvis 301 + 14 Laps
3 LMP2 #13 Oreca Piquet Jr, H. Hansson, Beche 300 + 15 Laps
4 LMP2 #35 Alpine Panciatici, Ragues, Negrao 299 + 16 Laps
5 LMP1 #2 Porsche Bernhard, Bamber, Hartley 298 + 17 Laps
6 LMP2 #37 Oreca Cheng, Gommendy, Brundle 298 + 32.331s
7 LMP2 #32 Ligier Owen, De Sadeleer, Albuquerque 297 + 18 Laps
8 LMP2 #24 Oreca Graves, Hirschi, Vergne 297 + 27.625s
9 LMP2 #40 Oreca Allen, Matelli, Bradley 296 + 19 Laps
10 LMP2 #23 Ligier Barthez, Buret, Berthon 292 + 23 Laps
11 LMP2 #47 Dallara Lacorte, Sernagiotto, Belicchi 291 + 24 Laps
12 LMP2 #34 Ligier Moore, Hanson, Chandhok 289 + 26 Laps
13 LMP1 #8 Toyota Buemi, Davidson, Nakajima 289 + 30.542s
14 LMP2 #36 Alpine Dumas, Menezes, Rao 286 + 29 Laps
15 LMP2 #17 Ligier Lafargue, Lafargue, Zollinger 282 + 33 Laps
16 LMP2 #29 Dallara Lammers, Van Eerd, Barrichello 281 + 34 Laps
17 LMP2 #33 Ligier Nicolet, Nicolet, Maris 280 + 35 Laps
18 LMP2 #21 Oreca Hedman, Hanley, Rosenqvist 280 + 54.414s
19 GTE Pro #63 Chevrolet Magnussen, Garcia, Taylor 279 + 36 Laps
20 GTE Pro #97 Aston Turner, Adam, Serra 279 + 16.864s
21 GTE Pro #91 Porsche Lietz, Makowiecki, Pilet 279 + 37.953s
22 GTE Pro #67 Ford Priaulx, Tincknell, Derani 279 + 1m22.305s
23 GTE Pro #71 Ferrari Rigon, Bird, Molina 279 + 2m21.965s
24 GTE Pro #68 Ford Hand, Muller, Kanaan 278 + 37 Laps
25 GTE Pro #69 Ford Briscoe, Westbrook, Dixon 278 + 27.687s
26 LMP2 #31 Oreca Prost, Canal, Senna 275 + 40 Laps
27 GTE Pro #64 Chevrolet Gavin, Milner, Fassler 274 + 41 Laps
28 GTE Am #84 Ferrari Smith, Stevens, Vanthoor 274 + 1m54.050s
29 GTE Pro #95 Aston Thiim, Sorensen, Stanaway 273 + 42 Laps
30 LMP2 #27 Dallara Aleshin, Sirotkin, Shaitar 273 + 2m15.569s
31 GTE Am #55 Ferrari Cameron, Scott, Cioci 273 + 3m10.660s
32 GTE Pro #66 Ford Mucke, Pla, Johnson 272 + 43 Laps
33 GTE Am #62 Ferrari Macneil, Sweedler, Bell 272 + 9.817s
34 GTE Am #99 Aston Howard, Gunn, Bryant 271 + 44 Laps
35 GTE Am #61 Ferrari Mok, Sawa, Griffin 271 + 3m03.653s
36 GTE Am #77 Porsche Ried, Cairoli, Dienst 271 + 3m58.299s
37 GTE Am #93 Porsche Long, Al Faisal, Hedlund 270 + 45 Laps
38 GTE Am #90 Aston Yoluc, Hankey, Bell 270 + 34.943s
39 GTE Am #98 Aston Dalla Lana, Lamy, Lauda 270 + 56.482s
40 GTE Am #65 Ferrari Nielsen, Balzan, Curtis 269 + 46 Laps
41 GTE Am #86 Porsche Wainwright, Barker, Foster 269 + 1m22.315s
42 GTE Am #54 Ferrari Flohr, Castellacci, Beretta 268 + 47 Laps
43 GTE Am #60 Ferrari Wee, Katoh, Parente 268 + 19.654s
44 LMP2 #45 Ligier Patterson, Mcmurry, Capillaire 268 + 51.217s
45 LMP2 #39 Oreca Guibbert, Trouillet, Winslow 267 + 48 Laps
46 LMP2 #22 Oreca Rojas, Hirakawa, Gutierrez 265 + 50 Laps
47 GTE Am #83 Ferrari Krohn, Jonsson, Bertolini 262 + 53 Laps
48 GTE Pro #51 Ferrari Calado, Pier Guidi, Rugolo 260 + 55 Laps
49 GTE Am #50 Chevrolet Rees, Brandela, Philippon 252 + 63 Laps
50 LMP2 #49 Ligier Konopka, Calko, Breukers 251 + 64 Laps
51 LMP2 #43 Riley Keating, Bleekemolen, Taylor 251 + 50.138s
52 LMP2 #28 Oreca Perrodo, Vaxiviere, Collard 213 Retired
53 GTE Pro #92 Porsche Christensen, Estre, Werner 179 Retired
54 LMP1 #9 Toyota Lapierre, Kunimoto, Lopez 160 Retired
55 LMP1 #7 Toyota Conway, Kobayashi, Sarrazin 154 Retired
56 LMP2 #25 Oreca Gonzalez, Trummer, Petrov 152 Retired
57 GTE Pro #82 Ferrari Vilander, Fisichella, Kaffer 72 Retired
58 LMP2 #26 Oreca Rusinov, Thiriet, Lynn 20 Retired
59 GTE Am #88 Porsche Bachler, Lemeret, Al Qubaisi 18 Retired
60 LMP1 #4 Enso Webb, Kraihamer, Bonanomi 7 Retired
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