Hour 11: Werner Takes Over

The number three Audi R8 continued to lead after the eleventh hour of the 2005 Le Mans 24 Hours, but with a reduced lead over its Champion Racing teammate

JJ Lehto completed a triple stint at the wheel and handed over to German Marco Werner. At that point the car was a lap ahead of the number two car of Emanuele Pirro. However Werner was forced to make an unscheduled pitstop towards the end of the hour, bringing the gap down to just 38 seconds.

Werner caught his mechanics by surprise in his unscheduled stop, but after a change of all four wheels and more fuel, the car left seemingly unharmed. However, the gap is bigger in reality, as Pirro's Audi has yet to make its scheduled stop.

The lead did change in LMP2, however. Didier Andre's Paul Belmondo Racing Courage was wheeled in the pits after the dashboard was giving erroneous warnings signals. Belmondo himself took control of the car, but not before the car had lost its two-lap lead to the team's other Courage, driven by Karim Ojjeh.

The GT1 class continued to be dominated by Aston Martin with Pedro Lamy handing over to Peter Kox. Jan Magnussen is in hot pursuit in his Corvette however, and still believes that the Aston dominance can be overcome.

In GT2, the Alex Job Racing Porsche of Mark Rockenfeller continued to hold a one-lap lead over the White Lightning Racing Porsche of Patrick Long.

Pos # Drivers Make Class On Hour 11
1 3 Lehto, Werner, Kristensen Audi R8 LM P1
2 2 Biela, Pirro, McNish Audi R8 LM P1
3 5 Michigami, Ara, Kaneishi Dome Mugen LM P1
4 16 Collard, Boullion, Comas Pescarolo Judd LM P1
5 4 Montagny, Gounon, Ortelli Audi R8 LM P1
6 9 Hignett, Stack, Kurosawa Zytek 04S LM P1
7 58 Enge, Kox, Lamy Aston Martin DBR9 LM GT1
8 64 Gavin, Beretta, Magnussen Corvette C6-R LM GT1
9 63 Fellows, O'Connell, Papis Corvette C6-R LM GT1
10 7 Minassian, CampbellW., Wallace DBA Judd LM P1
11 17 Loeb, Helary, Ayari Pescarolo Judd LM P1
12 59 Brabham, Sarrazin, Turner Aston Martin DBR9 LM GT1
13 18 Short, Barbosa, Ickx Dallara Judd LM P1
14 10 Lammers, Julian, Bosch Dome Judd LM P1
15 12 Schwager, Frei, Vann Courage Judd LM P1
16 50 Goueslard, Dupard, Vosse Ferrari 550 Maranello LM GT1
17 71 Hindery, Rockenfell., Lieb Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
18 61 Fomenko, Vasiliev, Bouchut Ferrari 550 Maranello LM GT1
19 90 Bergmeist., Long, Bernhard Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
20 76 Dumas, Dumez, Narac Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
21 80 Overbeek, Pechnick, Neiman Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
22 72 Policand, Campbell, Alphand Porsche 911 GT3 RS LM GT2
23 36 Gosselin, Ojjeh, Sharpe Courage C65 Ford LM P2
24 37 Belmondo, Andre, Sutherland Courage C65 Ford LM P2
25 89 Nielsen, Thyrring, Ehret Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
26 25 Erdos, Newton, Hughes Lola MG LM P2
27 92 Macari, Eriksson, Wilson Ferrari 360 Mo. GTC LM GT2
28 30 Bennett, Mitchell, Mullen Courage Judd LM P2
29 91 Pompidou, Blanchema., Yamagishi Porsche 911 GT3 RS LM GT2
30 83 Collin, Felbermayr, Shep Porsche 911 GT3 RSR LM GT2
31 35 Hillebrand, Hahn, Pickering Courage C65 Judd LM P2
32 24 Terada, Roussel, Binnie WR Peugeot LM P2
33 31 Amorim, Iannetta, Pillon Courage - CG LM P2
34 78 Sellers, Franchitti, Bourdais Panoz Elan LM GT2
35 95 Hartshorne, Stanton, Johnson TVR Tuscan 400 R LM GT2
36 8 Verdon Roe, Krumm, Primat Dallara Nissan LM P1
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