Waltrip, Green Could be Penalised

NASCAR have said that Michael Waltrip and Jeff Green could be penalised for the on-track feud at Saturday night's Darlington race

Waltrip appeared to extract revenge on Green after an incident on lap seven when Green nudged Waltrip into the wall.

Rather than retiring, Waltrip spent 31 laps in the pits getting his car repaired. He then collided with Green twice before hitting him into a spin on lap 206.

NASCAR summoned both drivers after the race and no immediate penalties were handed out. However, NASCAR spokesperson Jim Hunter said that might not be the end of the matter.

Hunter said: "Whether or not any penalties will be forthcoming, I honestly don't know. I would say it is possible. Everybody that was in the hauler tonight left with a clear understanding of how we stand and where we stand. It was made pretty clear that these kinds of deals are over and won't be tolerated."

Green said the original incident was not his fault, and that Waltrip tried to wreck him later in the race.

Green said: "He thinks I wrecked him, but I didn't. Maybe I shouldn't have got up on the outside of him, but we're racing, I am not going to let off for nobody. He tried to pass on the bottom and he couldn't get a run so he tried to get back up in the groove getting into Turn Three.

"He tried to wreck me all the way down the back straightaway and I'm fast enough not to let him. I just got up on the outside of him and he decided he needed to turn right, and I had a foot on him and tried to get on the brakes and he turned himself into the fence.

"Then finally he gets a run on me there and wrecks me, and I guess NASCAR didn't do anything to him. If I did anything to him it wasn't intentional. I've got to race these guys every week. I don't want to race like that."

Waltrip believes the early incident was Green's fault.

Waltrip said: "If NASCAR says just stay away from each other or you'll regret it, then that's good, because he's hit me in the back twice. The only two times I've ever had him behind me this year he's spun me out.

"It's unfortunate that we have to deal with stuff like this. I'm baffled. I was running down the back straightaway on the first lap of Green, and he hit me and run me over and wrecked me. The sad part is he doesn't pay any price and I get my car tore all to pieces."

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