Gordon may be in Trouble Again

Controversial NASCAR star Robby Gordon may be asked to explain his actions prior to last Sunday's Busch series race in Mexico City which ended with the driver being kneed in the groin

The incident, which needless to say has been dubbed Groingate in the United States, was the result of a heated exchange between Gordon and Carl Edwards' crew chief Brad Parrott.

Gordon had been moved to the back of the grid for replacing a blown engine while Edwards held on to his position despite starting in his back up car. Gordon was seen to be discussing the matter animatedly with Parrott before suddenly gasping for air.

"Brad was just telling me how much he loves me," Gordon told <i></i> after the race, which ended prematurely for the driver when his new engine gave up on lap 56. "No big deal."

He later acknowleged the rule that allowed Edwards to retain his position, but insisted that he was just voicing his opinion to the crew chief. "Obviously, he can't handle any pressure or criticism at all,"Gordon smirked. "And he fights like a little girl."

Immediately after the knee was raised Gordon tried to retaliate, but onlookers, including Edwards himself, were quick to separate the two. "That's where it started," Gordon said. "I will talk to NASCAR about it. Just because I say he should go to the back is no reason to get in my face like he did. If someone is going to knee me in the groin, I'm going to grab him by the throat. It's that simple. I don't care who he is."

Parrott has refused to comment on the incident so far, other than to say: "Anybody who knows Robby Gordon knows how Robby Gordon is." Busch Series director Joe Balash has promised to talk to both men later this week to get more details of the incident.

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