125cc: Vinales on pole again at Assen

Maverick Vinales took his second straight pole position in 125cc qualifying at Assen

125cc: Vinales on pole again at Assen

The Spanish rookie beat Johann Zarco to the top spot by just under two tenths of a second, with Sandro Cortese completing the front row.

Hector Faubel, Luis Salom and Efren Vazquez were next up.

Silverstone winner Jonas Folger crashed at the chicane right at the start of the session but rejoined later to take seventh.

Championship leader Nico Terol will start only eighth - having already crashed and hurt his hand in the morning, he had another accident near the end of qualifying.

All three men on the third row fell during the session, ninth-placed Sergio Gadea having also taken a tumble at the chicane early on, which briefly left him stranded in the middle of the track with other bikes dodging around him.

The session saw a heavy but brief rain shower right at the start. At that point no one had managed a proper flying lap and home rider Jasper Iwema sat on provisional pole. Sadly for the Dutchman, conditions improved quickly, and he was left 33rd after crashing later on.

Pos Rider Team/Bike Time Gap 1. Maverick Vinales Blusens Aprilia 1m44.597s 2. Johann Zarco Ajo Derbi 1m44.785s + 0.188s 3. Sandro Cortese Germany Aprilia 1m44.787s + 0.190s 4. Hector Faubel Aspar Aprilia 1m44.963s + 0.366s 5. Luis Salom RW Aprilia 1m45.235s + 0.638s 6. Efren Vazquez Ajo Derbi 1m45.338s + 0.741s 7. Jonas Folger Ajo Aprilia 1m45.859s + 1.262s 8. Nicolas Terol Aspar Aprilia 1m45.983s + 1.386s 9. Sergio Gadea Blusens Aprilia 1m46.204s + 1.607s 10. Danny Kent Ajo Aprilia 1m46.568s + 1.971s 11. Danny Webb Mahindra 1m46.594s + 1.997s 12. Simone Grotzkyj Phonica Aprilia 1m46.610s + 2.013s 13. Giulian Pedone Phonica Aprilia 1m46.668s + 2.071s 14. Marcel Schrotter Mahindra 1m46.819s + 2.222s 15. Luigi Morciano Italia Aprilia 1m46.988s + 2.391s 16. Alexis Masbou Caretta KTM 1m47.091s + 2.494s 17. Sturla Fagerhaug WTR-Ten10 Aprilia 1m47.438s + 2.841s 18. Jakub Kornfeil Ongetta Aprilia 1m47.563s + 2.966s 19. Louis Rossi Matteoni Aprilia 1m47.819s + 3.222s 20. Alberto Moncayo Andalucia Aprilia 1m47.973s + 3.376s 21. Harry Stafford Ongetta Aprilia 1m47.977s + 3.380s 22. Luca Gruenwald Freudenberg KTM 1m47.996s + 3.399s 23. Adrian Martin Aspar Aprilia 1m48.003s + 3.406s 24. Niklas Ajo TT Motion Aprilia 1m48.351s + 3.754s 25. Taylor Mackenzie Phonica Aprilia 1m48.883s + 4.286s 26. Bryan Schouten Dutch Honda 1m49.002s + 4.405s 27. Peter Sebestyen Caretta KTM 1m49.118s + 4.521s 28. Alessandro Tonucci Italia Aprilia 1m49.377s + 4.780s 29. Jerry van de Bunt Jerrys Honda 1m49.625s + 5.028s 30. Josep Rodriguez Andalucia Aprilia 1m49.760s + 5.163s 31. Joan Perello Matteoni Aprilia 1m49.913s + 5.316s 32. Thomas Van Leeuwen Van Leeuwen Honda 1m50.020s + 5.423s 33. Jasper Iwema Ongetta Aprilia 1m51.856s + 7.259s 34. Ernst Dubbink RV Honda 1m52.054s + 7.457s 35. Francesco Mauriello WTR-Ten10 Aprilia 1m57.548s + 12.951s 36. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Ajo Derbi 
125cc: Folger takes first 125cc victory

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125cc: Folger takes first 125cc victory

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Maverick Vinales wins rain-shortened Assen 125cc race
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