Unser to be 'very engaged' with USA

Al Unser Jr will definitely play some role in A1 Team USA this season, the seat holder for the American A1 Grand Prix franchise has said

The double Indy 500 winner is driving for the team at the official pre-season test at Silverstone this week, with a view to evaluating racing for them next season.

If he chooses to race, he will become the series' oldest driver at 44.

However, team principal Rick Weidlinger has said that even if Unser chooses not to race, he will be part of the management set-up for the team all season long.

The pair worked together at this season's Indy 500, when A1 Team America supported Unser's return to the prestigious IndyCar event.

"We had a great run in the Indy 500," Weidlinger said. "As we spent the time together in May I obviously talked a lot about A1 GP. And the more I talked about it the more interested he got.

"Finally after the 500 Al said: 'Rick, I want to do this A1 thing.' And I said, 'Al - you are in.'

"It was as easy as that. Al has looked at it - he has talked with his business people about it. They love the venues, they love the product. He agrees with me, and we think this motorsport product is the best product out there.

"He loves the nationality of it; he is very proud about participating in it himself and is going to be very engaged with A1 Team USA this year.

"We'll see how he does in the test and the feedback he has given us he loves the car and was just anxious to get in it.

"He will be significantly engaged one way or another with Team USA this year."

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