Officials Promise No Processions

A1 Grand Prix officials have moved to guarantee that their two-street course events will not produce processions

"We are not in favour of processions so we are designing courses where you can overtake," A1 Grand Prix general manager Stephen Watson told This is important for fans and the track and viewers. They will be challenging tracks for the drivers.

"We want A1 Grand Prix to have a blue chip event like Long Beach or Monaco and these could be them. Both events have got political support behind them."

The World Cup of Motorsport's inaugural calendar features two brand new street races - one in Texas, America and one in Durban, South Africa.

When unveiling the calendar the possibility was left open of the Durban race being switched to a circuit in Killarney, Cape Town.

"It is only a question of time to get the event organised," Watson added. "If there are any glitches with our plans we want to have a back up event. But I'm not worried."

Courses for both events will be unveiled after they have received FIA approval.

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