Dixon Set to Race for New Zealand

Subject to contract negations with Chip Ganassi, former IRL IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon will race for New Zealand in A1 Grand Prix this season, as predicted by Autosport-Atlas

Dixon, who races in his final IRL event of the season in California this weekend, hopes to compete in at least two races for his country in the World Cup of Motorsport, subject to the approval of his current team.

Dixon was a guest of A1 Team New Zealand at last weekend's race in Germany and confirmed he has spoken with franchise holder Colin Giltrap about some guest drives. Despite having raced in the oval-based IRL for three years, Dixon is still a renowned road course specialist and won IRL's Watkins Glen race last month.

"I'd like to do some races," Dixon said. "I think I'd probably do key races that I know the circuit, such as Laguna Seca, Monterey, Mexico, and maybe Eastern Creek. A lot of it still lies with Chip Ganassi because I am contracted with them and Target, so it still lies all in their hands, and we'll probably work that out over the next couple of weeks.

"I think as long as there's no conflicts, and that it's a good series and something strong, you know, that's not going to hinder anything I do for them, I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem."

The 25 year-old has been impressed with the series and his country's form so far. New Zealand is currently joint-second in the A1 GP title standings, after Jonny Reid and Matt Halliday finished in the top four in every race so far.

"It looks like a series that's been around for quite some time - very professional," Dixon added. "I think there are definitely some key people involved over there and there seems to be a good sort of amount of money, which is good to see for a different series at this point in time because a lot of the single seater series are struggling around the world.

"I was very impressed with the New Zealand team and WSR Racing which they did a superb job and it's good to see them get the job done."

In addition to racing for the team, Dixon confirmed that he enjoyed watching at the EuroSpeedway and would spectate at some races.

"There's a couple of races that I wouldn't mind going to as well," he said. "Maybe Dubai, just to check that one out. Might be a couple that I get to."

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