Alex Zanardi says curiosity and passion will dictate future plans

Alex Zanardi says "curiosity" will dictate what he does next after his triumphs in the London Paralympic Games

The Italian, who lost both his legs in an accident during a Champ Car race at the Lausitzring 11 years ago, won two gold and one silver medal at the Paralympics at the age of 45.

Zanardi admitted he is unsure about what his next challenge will be, saying he did not expect to be competing in the Games just two years ago.

"I don't know yet. The situation is exactly the same as two years ago," he said of his plans for the future. "Back then I had no idea that I would be competing at this level here in London. The key is that I will continue to be curious.

"My curiosity will find a new passion in me for something, and that will open up new opportunities.

"I will once again be in the unique situation of being able to choose. I will make the best choice for myself and will let my passion sway me."

Zanardi conceded, however, that he has enjoyed the challenge greatly.

"The most recent success in any athlete's career is always the nicest," he said. "However, I can't really say that I am any happier today than I was a few days ago. You do not always need to be achieving great things in life.

"Anyone who is driven purely by his ambition is making things unnecessarily difficult for himself. It is more about the passion.

"Then the road to the big goal also makes you happy. The three medals will always remind me of the long and exciting road I have behind me - at the end of which I once again crossed the finish line in front of all my competitors."

Zanardi has hinted at a possible return to car racing in the Indianapolis 500, and has also said he could be open for a return to Paralympic action at Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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