Latest from the Nurburgring

Latest news from round four of the Formula 3000 Championship at the Nurburgring, click refresh for up to the minute race reports

Latest from the Nurburgring

Lap 45- Junqueira takes his second consecutive victory, ahead of Scheld, Gollin, Bourdais, Couto, Sarrazin, Melo, Olivier, Davis, Piccini

Lap 40- Sarrazin repasses Melo then unlaps himself from leader Junqueira

Lap 38- Sarrazin spins on the exit of the chicane and hands sixth back to Melo

Lap 35- Melo is given another stop-go penalty and drops to sixth, then is immediately passed by slick-shod Sarrazin

Lap 33- Piccini spins in front of the leaders but Junqueira just manages to avoid him

Lap 31- With the track now drying fast, Junqueira is pulling away in the lead, with Gollin closing on Scheld for second. Fourth placed Melo is 40s behind the leaders, with fifth placed Couto (the first car on slicks) nearly another half a minute away. Bourdais and Sarrazin are the only other undelayed runners still in the race, ahead of Olivier, Davies and Piccini, all of whom have had long pit stops or other drama's

Lap 30- Albers spins out of fifth place at turn six

Lap 28- Junqueira retakes the lead from Scheld on the exit of turn nine. There are 17 laps left and the track is definitely drying again

Lap 27- Scheld (who is on wets in actual fact) very narrowly leads Junqueira, with Gollin third and Melo a very distant fourth. Albers is the first man on slicks in fifth, then Couto, Bourdais, Sarrazin and the push-started Olivier and Davies. The track is still very wet but the sun is now out...

Lap 23- Restart, closely followed by more chaos. Olivier, Manning and Davies tangle at turn one and are all out. Enge takes the lead but is soon reeled in and passed by Scheld, even though they are both on wets. Walfisch is next in the queue to pass Enge but is unsighted in spray and slams into the back of the McLaren entry on the exit of turn ten. Walfisch is launched skywards but lands okay, while Enge spins wildly, forcing Junqueira to spin even more widly in avoidance. The latter flies across the grass and rejoins still in second behind the slick-shod new leader Scheld. Gollin and Melo are fighting for third but the latter is then given a stop-go penalty for passing under yellow

Lap 22- Order: 1 Enge, 2 Couto, 3 Bourdais, 4 Sarrazin, 5 Albers, 6 Scheld (all still on slicks) 7 Gollin, 8 Junqueira, 9 Olivier, 10 Walfisch, 11 Piccini, 12 Melo, 13 Davies, 14 Manning

Lap 21- Rain is now very heavy and every driver is pitting while the safety car is out

Lap 20- Junqueira slides off the road at the Veedol chicane despite being behind the safety car and instantly pits for wets, allowing Enge into the lead

Lap 19- Cars lined-up behind the safety car with the rain falling much more heavily. This should really help Gollin, who has already stopped for wets and can now close up on the back of the field

Lap 18- Safety car out again, Wilson spins in turn two and is T-boned at high-speed by Montagny as he tries to rejoin. Both appear to be unhurt and were talking amicably at the trackside

Lap 17- Gollin pits for wets

Lap 15- Melo is holding up the majority of the field from fourth place, allowing Wilson to have a few looks at and eventually pass Montagny. Drizzle is now falling and making the track treacherous. Davies, who rejoined after a long stop for bodywork repairs, has stopped for wets

Lap 14- Bernoldi crashes out of the lead as his left rear suspension collapses on the way out of the Veedol chicane, sending the Red Bull Lola spinning across the track into the tyre wall. Bernoldi is okay but Junqueira picks up the lead ahead of Enge and Montagny.

Lap 13- Bernoldi sets the fastest lap and pulls out a slight lead but the clouds are darkening and there could yet be some rainfall

Lap 12- Restart, Bernoldi holds lead as Wilson dives up to seventh with a brilliant piece of late braking into turn one, passing Sarrazin

Lap 11- Safety car comes out again because Leinders and Minassian's cars are blocking the track. Race order: 1 Bernoldi, 2 Junqueira, 3 Enge, 4 Montagny, 5 Couto, 6 Melo, 7 Sarrazin, 8 Wilson, 9 Bourdais, 10 Gollin, 11 Manning, 12 Piccini, 13 Albers, 14 Olivier, 15 Walfisch, 16 Scheld

Lap 9- Bernoldi and Junqueira very close at the front and fighting hard. Leinders spins out of 16th in turn three, accidentally removing Minassian from the race as the Super Nova driver clips the KJR car while trying to take avoiding action

Lap 8- Junqueira putting Bernoldi under massive pressure while Wilson makes up another place as Bourdais locks up and runs wide

Restart- Bernoldi and Junqueira get an early break as Enge storms down the outside of Montagny to take third into turn one. Couto passes Melo for fifth, Wilson passes Manning for ninth

Lap four- Order behind the safety car: 1 Bernoldi, 2 Junqueira, 3 Montagny, 4 Enge, 5 Melo, 6 Couto, 7 Sarrazin, 8 Bourdais, 9 Manning, 10 Wilson, 11 Gollin, 12 Piccini, 13 Albers, 14 Olivier, 15 Walfisch, 16 Scheld, 17 Leinders, 18 Minassian.

Lap one- Bernoldi leads Junqueira, Montagny and Enge behind the safety car. The confusion was caused at the start as Saelens (trying to make up for his poor start,) Minassian and Manning all went over the turn one gravel. Saelens spun across the track as he rejoined, collecting Mauricio and Alonso and causing chaos all the way down the field

Start- Saelens makes slow start from pole and Bernoldi sweeps around the outside to lead Junqueira and Enge. The safey car comes out as several cars go off at the first corner and cause chaos as they attempt to rejoin. Alonso's car ends up perched on top of Mauricio but both are okay. Saelens is also taken out in the confusion, as are van Hooydonk, Davies, Minassian and McGarrity

Start of the race is ten minutes away... Conditions are dry... David Saelens will start from pole ahead of series leader Bruno Junqueira

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Junqueira spins and wins

Junqueira spins and wins
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