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Qualifying report

F3 Zandvoort: Hauger snatches pole away from Schumacher

Dennis Hauger stole pole position from David Schumacher in the final moments of FIA Formula 3 qualifying at Zandvoort, taking the front spot for the third time this season.


The championship leader pipped the Trident driver to the top spot by just over one-tenth, denying the German his first pole position in the series.

It came after the Prema Racing driver, who is 25 points ahead in the drivers standings, had a difficult weekend in Spa last weekend qualifying just 14th.

Victor Martins will line up third for Sunday’s feature race for MP Motorsport at the team’s home race, while Trident’s Jack Doohan, who is second in the standings, starts fourth.

Trident team-mate Clement Novalak finished in fifth, just 0.3s behind Hauger, with Caio Collet in sixth.

After a 10-minute delay to the start of the session, Alexander Smolyar was first to set a quick lap for ART Grand Prix, with Doohan taking an early advantage with a 1m25.630s.

Amaury Cordeel, Frederik Vesti, Victor Martins and Rafael Villagomez also set times in the 1m25s, with Hauger knocking Doohan from the top of the timesheet with a 1m25.167s.

With ten minutes down, Schumacher put himself up into second with Hitech’s Ayuma Iwasa making it into third, just two-tenths behind leader Hauger.

Jak Crawford took a long trip off the road at Turn 9, running across the grass before managing to rejoin the track. Minutes later, he redeemed himself by moving up to third place.

Dennis Hauger,  Rrema Racing

Dennis Hauger, Rrema Racing

Photo by: Formula Motorsport Ltd

Villagomez then failed to stop for the weighbridge and picked up a pitlane start penalty for races one and three.

The HWA Racelab driver was placed under investigation for the incident and later received the penalty, demoting him from 13th - his best qualifying result to date.

He had been ordered to visit the weighbridge by the technical delegate but instead returned to his pit area, where his team began work on the car.

With 12 minutes to go, Schumacher took the top spot, with a 1m24.715 – almost half a second quicker than Hauger, who quickly set another fast lap with a 1m24.869s.

The session was red-flagged with just over four minutes to go after Hunter Yeany spun at Turn 2 and came to a stop on track at Turn 3 in his Charouz car.

He managed to get the car restarted but interrupted the final flurry of fast laps, forcing drivers to return to the pits.

With only four minutes remaining on the clock when the session resumed a flurry of drivers improved on their previous times, including Doohan and Novalak, before Hauger took the top spot in the final 30 seconds.

Cordeel will start on pole for Saturday morning’s reverse-grid sprint race, with Logan Sargeant in second and Arthur Leclerc in third. Iwasa will line up fourth, with Alexander Smolyar in fifth and Crawford in sixth.

FIA F3 Zandvoort qualifying results

Cla Driver Team Time Gap
1 Norway Dennis Hauger Italy Prema Powerteam 1'24.580  
2 Germany David Schumacher Italy Trident 1'24.715 0.135
3 France Victor Martins Netherlands MP Motorsport 1'24.885 0.305
4 Australia Jack Doohan Italy Trident 1'24.939 0.359
5 United Kingdom Clement Novalak Italy Trident 1'24.961 0.381
6 Caio Collet Netherlands MP Motorsport 1'25.031 0.451
7 Jak Crawford United Kingdom HitechGP 1'25.274 0.694
8 Russian Federation Alexander Smolyar France ART Grand Prix 1'25.345 0.765
9 Ayumu Iwasa United Kingdom HitechGP 1'25.403 0.823
10 Arthur Leclerc Italy Prema Powerteam 1'25.422 0.842
11 United States Logan Sargeant Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 1'25.556 0.976
12 Amaury Cordeel Spain Campos Racing 1'25.567 0.987
13 Rafael Villagómez Germany HWA AG 1'25.574 0.994
14 Denmark Frederik Vesti France ART Grand Prix 1'25.612 1.032
15 Italy Lorenzo Colombo Spain Campos Racing 1'25.612 1.032
16 United Kingdom Olli Caldwell Italy Prema Powerteam 1'25.752 1.172
17 Ido Cohen United Kingdom Carlin 1'25.752 1.172
18 Oliver Rasmussen Germany HWA AG 1'25.786 1.206
19 United Kingdom Jonny Edgar United Kingdom Carlin 1'25.799 1.219
20 Czech Republic Roman Staněk United Kingdom HitechGP 1'25.886 1.306
21 Australia Calan Williams Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 1'25.892 1.312
22 Filip Ugran Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 1'26.047 1.467
23 United Kingdom Johnathan Hoggard Switzerland Jenzer Motorsport 1'26.077 1.497
24 Italy Matteo Nannini Germany HWA AG 1'26.157 1.577
25 Tijmen van Netherlands MP Motorsport 1'26.261 1.681
26 United States Kaylen Frederick United Kingdom Carlin 1'26.292 1.712
27 United States Juan Manuel Correa France ART Grand Prix 1'26.409 1.829
28 László Tóth Spain Campos Racing 1'26.638 2.058
29 Hunter Yeany Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 1'27.507 2.927
30 Zdenek Chovanec Czech Republic Charouz Racing System 1'27.726 3.146

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