Schumacher: Vettel a 'great' champion

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has paid tribute to new Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, after the Red Bull driver became the second German driver in the history of the sport to take the title

Six year's after Schumacher won the last of his titles for Ferrari, Vettel became the youngest title holder with a brilliant win in Abu Dhabi.

"I'm quite happy for him because we are friends and it has been a tough year for him," Schumacher told the BBC. "He's had up and downs he has had to go through, probably more on the mechanical side than on the driving side so he really deserves this championship.

"Well done to him, well done to the team, a great job from them all.

"My time was different time from his time, I just feel very happy for him. I think he deserves all the credit. He is a great driver, he is a fantastic guy, so I am more than happy for him."

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