Rivals: Tyres to Blame for Ferrari Form

Ferrari's rivals believe the World Champions are struggling mainly because of the performance of their Bridgestone tyres

Speaking ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen said Ferrari would be fighting at the top if they were using tyres from Michelin.

"I think if you put the same Michelin tyres on that car they would be at the front end again," said Raikkonen at Monaco today.

"I think they have some problems with their tyres, but they can as easily find some new tyres for this race and they can win the race, so I don't know."
Red Bull's David Coulthard agreed with his former McLaren teammate, but refused to rule out Ferrari so early in the season.
"I think it is quite clear for everyone that it's more to do with tyres than anything else," said Coulthard. "I think Imola would show that. It's a long season.

"You can only write the 'Downfall of Ferrari' chapter once you get to the end of the season, if they're still struggling, and even then, maybe we have to say that the tyres were clearly a bigger factor."

Renault driver Giancarlo Fisichella said Ferrari are still very competitive, but also singled out the tyres for their lack of results so far.

"I think they still have a very good package," said Fisichella. "In Imola they were one-and-a-half seconds quicker than everyone else during the race. One of the main reasons could be even the tyres, but I think they are there."

Ferrari are the only top team using Bridgestone tyres, while rivals Michelin supply to the rest of the field except for Jordan and Minardi.

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