Ricciardo not shocked by Vettel exit from Red Bull F1 team

Daniel Ricciardo says he was not surprised by team-mate Sebastian Vettel's decision to quit the Red Bull Formula 1 team to drive for Ferrari next season

It emerged during the recent Japanese Grand Prix that four-time F1 world champion Vettel will end his career-long association with Red Bull to replace Fernando Alonso at Ferrari in 2015.

Ricciardo, who has generally had the edge over Vettel since stepping up from the Toro Rosso team this year, said he "wasn't shocked" when he heard the German would be leaving Red Bull.

"I was pretty open to anything in terms of news I was going to receive - expecting him to leave, expecting him to stay, [but] I wasn't shocked when he announced that he was leaving," said Ricciardo, when asked by AUTOSPORT if Vettel's departure had caught him by surprise.

"The way I see it, I guess he had done four titles with Red Bull and obviously got an opportunity elsewhere before he sees himself getting a bit too old for the sport.

"He probably wants another challenge."

Vettel insisted his disappointing 2014 campaign with Red Bull was not a factor in his decision to leave, and Ricciardo said he had not detected any shift in Vettel's mood as their season together progressed.

"With me, no. I think he has been fair with me from day one, and after the third win still very fair with me, and very respectful," Ricciardo added.

"I am sure as the season goes on he would love a win, so maybe there is a bit more inside of what he is feeling, a bit more frustration, but I wouldn't say that has been displayed in any meetings, or anything that I have seen.

"I am sure deep down he wants to get a win this year.

"When you see a team-mate win races and you're not, naturally you are frustrated.

"But, to his credit, he hasn't taken anything out on me, or in front of the team; maybe behind closed doors, but not visible to any of us, so I think he has controlled it well."

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