New Rio track layout revealed but no F1 race to be held before 2021

A definitive layout has been revealed for the planned Rio de Janeiro circuit that wants to take over Formula 1's Brazilian Grand Prix slot, but only once Interlagos's deal expires

US consortium Rio Motorsports claims that on Monday it won a tender to build the new track.

It says it has been awarded a 35-year concession to build on military land, after emerging as the only group to submit a proposal.

Despite claims from Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro that the new Rio circuit would immediately take over the Brazilian GP from 2020, Interlagos is expected to host the race again next year, which is the final event that is part of its current contract.

A recent city council vote in Sao Paulo gave Interlagos a major boost to its desire to extend its Brazilian GP deal, but the construction of the new Rio circuit presents a major rival for 2021 and beyond.

The Rio MotorPark layout, created with assistance from F1's go-to track designer Hermann Tilke, has been altered since the first designs were presented last year.

It is not being named after Ayrton Senna as was indicated when Bolsonaro first announced the new venue's F1 aspirations earlier this month.

But a section of the circuit at the end of the lap, the 'Senna S' does bear the three-time world champion's name.

"The proposal we have brought to Rio seeks to present a picture of a modern track - dynamic and full of emotion," said Tilke.

"At the same time, we think of a space with a multidisciplinary approach that allows a very wide range of use in other sports, serving the whole community."

Rio Motorsports' declaration of victory in its long-running bid to build a circuit that could also host MotoGP came despite a last-ditch, public civil action from the Federal Prosecution Service (MPF) to suspend the bidding for the tender.

The MPF had announced a desire for the process to be halted while environmental impact studies were carried out.

"Winning today is the conclusion of work that began more than four years," said Rio Motorsports CEO JR Pereira.

"We have put together the very best in the world in terms of technical capacity to guarantee Rio de Janeiro a race track with the most modern motorsports in the world."

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